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Policies and Procedures

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. These include Aspects of Safeguarding of Children, Health and Safety, Premises Management and School Administration.

Statutory Policies are noted in blue.


The following policies are currently up for review by School Governors:

  • Access Plan - requires further review 2017 to 2018
  • Appraisal Policy
  • Child Protection:
    • Whole School Child Protection Policy LA and Manor Park
    • Keeping Children Safe in Education still document for 2016
  • Code of Conduct for
    • Governors
    • Staff
    • Contact with pupils out of School  
  • Emergency Plan
  • Equality Policy
  • Finance Policy
  • Financial Best Value Statement 
  • Fire Risk Assessment 
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Medicines in School
  • Pay Policy
  • Physical Intervention LA Policy
  • Privacy Notice and Data Protection 
  • Security Policy
  • Charging & Remissions Policy
  • Lettings Policy


D of E Statutory Document - Accessibility Plan - Review Annually - Reviewed September 2017 - requires further review in 2017 to 2018
AD of E Statutory Document -Admissions Policy - Determine Annually - due for 2016 to 2017
D of E Statutory Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff 
D of E - Statutory  Teacher Appraisal Policy Reviewed annually - due September 2017

D of E - Statutory -  Asbestos LA Policy and Guidance - Review Annually - Next Review due September 2018.  

Asbestos - Paper copy in School Office including - LAMP, LA Code of Practice, Asbestos Register, Contractor's Induction  Form and Log.

Charging and Remissions - Statutory Statement - Refer to School Prospectus


D of E - Statutory Child Protection - D of E Keeping Children Safe in Education KCSIE Part 1 (ALL STAFF TO READ PART ONE) and Part 2  - be alert for D of E up dates and updates - KCSIE 2016 was refreshed with staff Sept 2017 -  Look out for national review from February 2018 and up-dated policy from LA.
Whole School Child Protection Policy from the LA reviewed September 2017
Statutory - Codes of Conduct for Safeguarding of Children Annual Reviews due September 2018

D of E - Statutory Statement - Complaints Procedures

Statutory - Emergency Plan and coping with an Emergency -  Annual Review - Reviewed September 2017 Due September 2018

In School Copy Only

D of E Statutory Equality Policy Information and Objectives - Annual Review - Reviewed September 2017 Due September 2018
Statutory - Fire Risk Assessment with Annual Review - Original assessment 10th September 2015 Review original assessment annually - LA Audit September 2017 - next review due September 2018
Statutory - Health and Safety Policy LA Model - Annual Review due September 2018
Instrument of Governance - Refer to School Office and current Governor's File
Statutory - Medicines in Schools Policy Review due September 2018
Statutory Pay Policy - Annual Review due September 2016
Statutory Physical Intervention Policy - LA and Manor Park Policy September 2017 - Up for Review by Governors by Autumn Term 2018 Full Governor Body meeting.
D of E - Statutory Privacy Notice Data Protection  - Review every 2 years - due June 2017
D of E - Statutory School Disciplinary Policy - Capability of Staff
Statutory -  Security Policy - Annual Review - Review due September 2018
Statutory Policy - Sex and Relationships Policy Reviewed November 2015 Ratified by Governors Spring 2016

 To see Manor Park SEND Local Offer, please go to: 


D of E - Statutory Policy - Special Educational Needs - Annual Review due September 2017