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R Time

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At Manor Park we use a programme called Rtime.


Rtime stands for Relationships to improve education, it takes place once a week and lasts 10-15 minutes.


The three main rules of Rtime are:



  • Show respect and good manners at all times.


  • Follow instructions with thought and care.


  • Care for everyone and everything.     


How it works


During each session the children work in pairs with a randomly selected partner which develops relationships between children who may not have had the opportunity to work together before. During their time together the children undertake a simple, achievable activity. This is designed to develop courtesy and good manners as well as the skills of taking turns, cooperation, sharing and fairness.


The language associated with these skills rapidly develops and encourages respectful relationships between children. as relationships develop and broaden this will raise self esteem, improve the emotional well-being of our children and enhance their learning potential. when children feel good about themselves and are happy in the school environment they will be better learners.


If you would like to know more about Rtime, please look on the website at