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Shared Goals

In 2010 Ofsted recognised Manor Park as a good school. Our ambition is to be an outstanding school.


To achieve our goals for 2015 to 2016... we need the help of the whole school community including parents, staff, children, and governors.


As well as the 4 key goals below, this year will also see the building and development of our new Foundation Stage unit.


Our 4 key goals for this year   are...                                                                                                    Go for it!

                                             Goal 1                                                

For all children to make the best possible progress...

  • You are the most important people! Children with families who fully engage with school and value education and good attendance make the best progress. Please make sure you enjoy conversation with your child at home, including positive chat about school; enjoy books with your child and aim to read at least 3 times each week. Families who are able to do this are giving their child the best start in life. We also provide homework from the Panda class onwards. We look forward to meeting with you at the termly progress discussions.

Goal 2

To move our teaching from 100% good and outstanding to be even better... we are developing our knowledge, skills and understanding of new approaches to assessment in both the Foundation Stage for 4 and 5 year olds and Key Stage One for 5 to 7 year olds. To do this, we are networking with other schools and moderating children's work.  We will keep you informed throughout the year.

Goal 3

To ensure the best attendance of 96.5% and punctuality of 100%, we have some new characters to encourage the children...Be Here Bear and On Time Tiger.

  • Please make sure your child attends every day and holidays are taken in the holiday times. Learning starts during registration activities and lessons immediately after registration, so please be on time too!
  • Please set your alarm clocks and be an On Time Tiger everyday! are on time every day.


To ensure behaviour is the best it can be from every child...

  • Every child is different. At Manor Park we need you to support us in managing the behaviour of your child by endorsing the behaviour policy. This includes praising when children are good and being consistent with expectations. Part of this is informing us of anything that may affect your child's behaviour so we can understand and work together.


                                                             Goal 4

Our aim at Manor Park is to encourage our staff team to take on new challenges. We have a strong commitment to Collaborative Leadership and with the retirement of the Deputy Head Teacher, Manor Park have formed a new Senior Leadership Team to take the school forward in our vision of Learning Together Success Forever.

Under the Leadership of Head Teacher Mrs Litowczuk; Mrs Howard, Mrs Wragg, Miss Tatham and Mr Fennell will continue the leadership of the school and are determined to achieve the best for every child.


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