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The Year 1 children attended a Family of schools, Multi-skills festival at Lowdham school. They had to balance, throw, crawl, run and also got a bit wet! The day was finished with a biscuit and a cup of juice or water. 

At Manor Park we provide a rich curriculum. For every child from day one, learning continues throughout the day, every day and not just in nursery or lesson times. We value all staff teams and the role they play in the education of all the children. The Lunch Time Teams provide fun opportunities at lunch times,we run a variety of clubs throughout the week and plan events, visitors to school and trips out. . Learning never stops!

Take a look...

Our Easter Bonnet Winners!

Thank you to all children who submitted an Easter bonnet!  You all looked amazing in our Easter concert this morning.

Happy Easter from all Staff and Governors at Manor Park

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On the 21st of March our Year 2 cross-country running team entered a family of schools competition at St. Wilfrid's Primary school. Our runners did really well and Grace Hall was the second girl overall and won a medal. Well done everyone.

Mother's Day Lunch



As part of our behaviour reward system all the children who had received a golden raffle ticket took part in an archery session. The children really enjoyed themselves and learnt how to fire an arrow from a bow just like Robin Hood.

Shakespeare Workshop

The year 2 children had a great time at the Shakespeare workshop at the William Lee building. The children experienced several different stories that were written by William Shakespeare. Thank you to the Shakespeare Trust and Nonsuch Theatre company for working with the children.

World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March Manor Park Infant School took part in World Book Day. The children dressed up as their favourite book character. We decided to show off our costumes in a school parade.

Six year 2 pupils took part in the Family of Schools Gymnastic Festival in school today. The participating school were; Manor Park, Lambley and Woodborough Woods. The children enjoyed working together and demonstrating their skills.   

Baking Club

This week in baking club we made pizzas with dough, fresh vegetables and cheese.

Singing Christmas songs in the community.

Picture 1

Christmas Meal 2018

Christmas Fayre 2018! With a special visit from Santa!

Calverton Christmas Lights Switch on and Carols! Thank you too all the families who came to support on Saturday 1st December 2018!

Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week November 2018 - At Manor Park we choose respect!

KS1 Trip to Warwick Castle November 2018

Shine Day

On Wednesday 24th October 2018 all the pupils and staff celebrated 'Shine Day'. All the children dressed up in yellow for the charity Shine. The charity supports people with Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.

Picture 1

Harvest Festival - Owls and Pandas

The Owls and the Panda's children performed a wonderful harvest festival concert at Calverton Methodist church on Monday the 8th October. Richard, the Methodist Minister, spoke about the importance of harvest.

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'Year 2 Concert - 20/07/18'

On Friday 20th July the Year 2 children performed their leavers' concert. It has been an absolute privilege to teach these children and we wish them all the best for the future.

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'Only one you' project - 22nd June 2018

We teamed up with Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School and created these wonderful stones based around the story 'Only one you'. The stones will be used to create a whole school outdoor display.

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Royal Wedding Banquet - 17th May 2018

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Police Visit - 28th March 2017

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Mother's Day Lunch - March 2017

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Red Nose Day - 2017 

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March 2017 - Congratulations Mr Fennell - our new Deputy Head.

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Today we all enjoyed our school Christmas dinner,

thanks to our school cook Diane and her team.

7th December 2016

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Our Traction Man Stories...

Take a further look at our Key Stage Pages on the Children menu

Picture 1 Traction Man zooms down in his jet-powered trainer
Picture 2 He sees an evil hippo hurting a cow.
Picture 3 Traction Man ties up the evil hippo.
Picture 4 Traction Man saves the cow.
Picture 5 Traction Man & the cow watch the hippo closely.
Picture 6 Traction Man asks his soldiers to guard the hippo.
Picture 7 "Thank you Traction Man" cheered all the animals.
Picture 8 What is Calverton like? Lets take a look!
Picture 9 Manor Park Easter Bonnet Parade
Picture 10 Santa's Reindeer
Picture 11 We celebrate Christmas together
Picture 12 Santa comes but once a year!!
Picture 13 A Christmas Angel
Picture 14 We like to dress up at Manor Park
Picture 15 We celebrate diversity at Manor Park
Picture 16 Do you like the taste of curry?
Picture 17 Some of us do! Some of us do not!
Picture 18 How would you decorate your Diva?
Picture 19 We learn with our senses
Picture 20 Can you use chop sticks? Its quite tricky!
Picture 21 We remembered Guy Fawkes by building a bonfire
Picture 22 Its Team Work at Manor Park
Picture 23 Please to remember the 5th of November
Picture 24 We learn to keep safe with the firework code
Picture 25 We like to help children in need
Picture 26 Did you bring a toy for Pudsy Day?
Picture 27 Our families are very generous at helping others
Picture 28 We have fun raising funds together
Picture 29 We go for goals at sports day
Picture 30 We used our PE funds for expert training
Picture 31 Are you brave enough to do this?
Picture 32 We love a challenge!
Picture 33 We enjoy learning new skills
Picture 34 Manor Park is great at gymnastics
Picture 35 Play time is fun with friends
Picture 36 The Lunch Time Team provide lots to choose from
Picture 37 Sometimes we like some quiet time...
Picture 38 Sometimes we like to play together
Picture 39 Look what we can achieve together
Picture 40 What can we find in the wildlife garden?
Picture 41 We invite grandparents and parents for lunch
Picture 42 We love our families to eat with us!
Picture 43 What makes a Healthy Plate?
Picture 44 What is your favourite food?
Picture 45 Manor Park Blast Off to visit the Space Centre
Picture 46 What is this spaceship doing at Manor Park?
Picture 47 Does Mrs Litowczuk know this spaceship has landed?
Picture 48 Whatever Next? A bear in space?
Picture 49 What does an alien look like?
Picture 50 Do aliens go to school?
Picture 51 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 off in our Manor Park Rocket
Picture 52 What can you find out about space travel?
Picture 53 Watch out ...
Picture 54 there are...
Picture 55 amazing astronauts
Picture 56 about!