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Welcome to Cub's Class!

Mrs Morris teaches the Cubs. Miss O'Brien is the teaching assistant in Foundation 2.

We are really excited to welcome your children to our class and we have lots of fun things planned for them.


Please remember:

PE is on a Tuesday

Please bring reading book bags to school every day.


Spring term A


Week 3

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have been learning all about the Three Little Pigs. We read the story and joined in with all the repeated phrases. We retold the story with our friends. In Literacy we talked about the characters and wrote what the pigs and the wolf said in speech bubbles. We looked closely at the text to find words and phrases to describe the wolf. We thought of other adjectives to describe the wolf and used these to write 'wanted' posters independently. In maths we have been learning all about subtraction. We used objects to take one away and we learned how to record a subtraction number sentence. 

We investigated using different materials to build a house for a pig. We even tested the strength of the houses using a hairdryer for the wolf's huff and puff! We mixed pink to paint pigs and added the features carefully using a felt tip pen. We also made the wolf by rolling brown paper into a tube and we made pigs by drawing round circles, cutting them out and adding pegs for legs! We created the story setting and then drew a map independently on whiteboards. Outside we built a pigs house and role played the story. 

Week 2

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we have been learning all about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In Literacy we sequenced the events and wrote about our favourite part of the story. We talked about the characters and used different voices and intonation when we were role playing the story. We have been Super Scientists and investigated our finger prints because we wanted to help the bears discover ‘who did it?’! We also designed and built chairs. We created the setting for the story and drew a map. We have made Goldilocks and bear headbands and painted the characters.

In maths we have focused on 'one less'. We have used bowls of porridge, bears and our fingers to find 'one less'. We have also used the number line to find 'one less' and talked about the fact that we are counting backwards.

Week 1

The Arctic 

This week have been learning about the Arctic. We discussed the landscape and compared it to Calverton. We have been Super Scientists and we talked about water being a liquid, ice being a solid and that when water freezes into ice and then melts back into water it is called a reversible change. We rescued some trapped animals using warm water and pipettes and made some ice decorations to hang on the trees outside. We even painted on some ice! We learnt about animals which live in the Arctic and that some are camouflaged. We created polar bear pictures using chalk and paint. We also learnt about Arctic explorers and read some sentences to dress our friend as an Arctic explorer. In maths we consolidated our knowledge of number bonds to 5 and investigated different ways of arranging 5 cubes. 


Autumn term B


Week 13

Christmas celebrations!

This week we have participated in some Christmas activities. We made some split pin reindeer’s and elves. We made some Christmas decorations and used our fingers to pinch and sprinkle the glitter. We learnt about and made Christingles. We ended the week with a great Christmas party! Happy Christmas Cubs!

Week 12

The Christmas Story

This week we have been learning all about the Christmas Story. The highlight of our week has been performing the Christmas Nativity. Well done Cubs and Foals for a great performance.

Week 11

St Andrews Day…and the rest!

What a cold and wintery start to the week. We enjoyed playing in the snow! 
This week we learnt about Scotland and celebrated St Andrews day. The Scottish flag is called the saltire and we made these independently. We mixed the colour purple to paint thistles. We looked carefully at tartan patterns an created our own with the paints. We even had shortbread to taste! We talked about the legend of the Loch Ness monster and discussed whether we thought it is true or not.

We investigated pairs of numbers which made five using ‘part, part, whole’. We checked that we had found all the ways by putting the addition number sentences in order and focussing on the number we had started with each time.

We have also had a very exciting week. We had a visit from a theatre company who performed Aladdin. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

We also had a trip to Brackenhurst where we role-played the Nativity story and did some Christmas crafts. Wow! What a busy week.

Week 10

Our Families 

This week we have been reading a non-fiction text called ‘Our Families’. We used the text to promote discussions about our own families. We each wrote and illustrated a page for a class book about our own families. We enjoyed reading and sharing books with each other during our independent learning. We chose a member of our family to paint. We cut out some people and joined them together in different ways to create our own family. We investigated shadow puppets and used them to tell stories. We even rescued families of bears from the cave using tweezers!

In maths we investigated the number four. We used numicon to find how many ways to make four using two numbers. We also had fun investigating how many different ways to arrange four squares on the screen. The rule was that they had to be touching each other. There were so many different ways!

Week 9

Paddington Bear

This week we listened to the story of Paddington Bear. We created a whole class character profile focusing on his appearance, personality and what he likes. We read and matched some labels about Paddington and his appearance. We also read and completed some sentences about Paddington. We painted Paddington and made split pin bears. 
In maths we investigated ways of making a total of three using two numbers. We shook and dropped some counters which were red on one side and yellow on the other. We recorded how many yellow ones and how many red ones each time.

Week 8


This week we learnt all about poppies. In literacy we labelled them and wrote a descriptive sentence. We also painted and printed them using potatoes. We made poppies by drawing around circles, cutting them out and overlapping them to make the petals. We talked about the life cycle of a poppy and what seeds need to help them to grow. We investigated what happened when we shone a torch through different red material like the sun shining through the poppy’s petals. We learnt about why we wear poppies and why they are important. We made poppy badges and observed the two minutes silence on Thursday 11th November.

In maths we continued to use different representations of 1, 2 and 3. We played a game with our friends. We took it in turns to turn over a card to see if they matched. We talked about who had the biggest and who had the smallest number.

Week 7

Celebrating Diwali and Bonfire Night

This week we have been learning all about Diwali. We made and wrote our own Diwali cards. We painted Mehndi patterns and made rangoli patterns. We also read a Tony Mitton poem about fireworks. We talked about the onomatopoeic words in the poem, thought of our own and then used them to create our own firework poem. We made our own rockets which we launched using a milk carton. In numeracy we focused on different representations of 1, 2 and 3. We are able to subitise these numbers!

Autumn Term A


Week 6

Vegetable Soup

This week we read and followed a recipe to make our own delicious vegetable soup! We used our observational skills to look carefully at a variety of different vegetables. We also learnt how to mix orange to paint some orange vegetables. In maths we used vegetables to make different repeating patterns. We also cut out different shapes to create a tractor with moving wheels.

Week 5

The Little Red Hen

This week we enjoyed the story of The Little Red Hen. We joined in with the repeated phrases, identified and labelled the characters and learnt how to write a speech bubble. We learnt how to use pipettes and investigated what happened when we dripped coloured water on to some flour. In maths we compared length and weight of objects. We also had a Harvest celebration. You can watch us singing the song ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ on the Harvest page of our school website.

Week 4

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

This week we have been singing and signing the song 'Dingle Dangle Scarecrow'. In literacy we have labelled a picture of a scarecrow. During independent learning time we have been painting scarecrows as well as making our own scarecrow by carefully cutting out the pieces and joining them together using split pins. We also made some trees by ripping paper and fingerprinted some leaves on them. In maths we have continued to learn about size using vocabulary such as tall, short, wide and narrow. We have compared different sizes of containers by counting how many ladles of water and sand it takes to fill them.

We also had a visit from the fire service this week! We learnt about staying safe and we were able to sit in the fire engine too!

Week 3


This week we have been learning about autumn and went on an autumn walk around our school grounds to look at the changing colours of the trees. In literacy we read the story ‘The lost acorns’ all about Percy the park keeper and his friend squirrel. We talked about the characters and wrote their names. In numeracy we were comparing amounts of objects and focussed on the vocabulary ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We also learnt how to use a five frame. During our independent learning we painted characters from the story and made a squirrel, attaching the tail using a split pin.

Week 2

Our busy bodies!

This week we have been learning about our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy. We had a visit from Harold the Giraffe to help us with our learning. We used a hole punch and split pins to create a person. We have also been writing ‘I am’ followed by our names. In maths we have been using our observational and thinking skills to sort objects such as shapes and compare bears using different criteria. 

Week 1

Getting to know you

This week we have been getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring our environment. We have been learning each other’s names during circle times and playing a name game by swapping places when using the parachute. We have focused on saying and reading the words ‘I am…’. In maths we have been matching by making careful observations of objects such as buttons and socks. We have also painted a self portrait.


Summer term B

Our theme is ‘The Ocean’ which will include learning about sea life habitats.

Week 11

Reduce, reuse, recycle!

This week we have been learning all about how we can help to look after our environment. Unfortunately lots of rubbish and plastic finds it’s way into the oceans which is harmful to the sea life. So we designed posters to encourage everyone to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. We talked about the different types of materials and sorted items to recycle. We also created a polluted ocean using plastic, tea leaves, soil and oil. We collaged pictures of our earth and painted on cling film - recyclable of course!
For maths we focused on measuring length and height. We used cubes to measure bottles and tubes which we then recorded in our own way. We also measured each other with cubes including Mrs. Summerfield and Mrs. Morris!

Week 10

Ocean occupations 

This week our focus has been about divers. We have learnt about the equipment they wear to do their job. For literacy we wrote about divers. We have also made some diving equipment such as oxygen tanks and masks. We have also printed a bubble background for a picture of a diver we are going to create.
For maths we have been sharing amounts and numbers into equal groups. We read a book called ‘The doorbell rang’ and shared twelve cookies in different ways. We also played a game of ‘shark and fishes’. When the shark appeared the fish had to ‘hide’ behind a ‘rock’ (hoop) in equal numbers.

We have learnt to sign different sea creatures such as crab and shark. We used the signs we had learnt to help us sing a song.

Week 9


This week we have been learning about predators and focused specifically on sharks. In literacy we named and labelled different parts of a shark as well as writing some facts. Our independent learning challenges included creating a collage of a shark and mixing grey to paint a shark. We learned that the ocean has different zones including the sunlight zone, twilight zone and the dark zone. The sea life varies according to the zone and we made the different zones in a bottle! In maths we investigated doubling numbers in different ways such as using our fingers, a ten frame and making two column arrays. We recorded the doubles we were able to make and noticed that when a number is doubled it’s always an even number!

Week 8

Life in the ocean.

This week we read a fiction book about animals and plants which live in the ocean. We wrote our own sentences about animals and plants in the ocean. Our tricky challenge was to include a adjective in each sentence. We looked at the salt crystals we started making last week. They were amazing. We talked about how the water had evaporated which led to a discussion about the water cycle. We each made an octopus with hand prints and added rice crispiest for suckers! Our painting challenge was to paint fish with a stripy pattern.

In maths we continued to focus on ‘take away’. We learnt the word ‘subtraction’ and how to read and solve subtraction number sentences by counting back along the number line.

We also enjoyed football again.

Week 7

What is the ocean?

This week to introduce our theme of the ocean we talked about our own experiences of going to the seaside and wrote about the seaside for literacy. Tuesday was World Ocean Day and we participated in some activities with the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth through their website. We also learnt that the oceans are salty. We investigated dissolving salt in water and started some salt crystals. We also compared the density of salt water and fresh water by observing what happens to an egg when put into each type of water. We also explored mixing different shades of blue to represent the ocean  and made jellyfish.

In maths we were involved in practical games and activities focusing on ‘taking away’. We enjoyed singing Ten Green Bottles.

For PE we have started practising football skills.


Summer Term A

This term our theme is ‘Houses and Homes’.


Week 6

Homes in the past

This week we learnt about what it was like to live in a house long ago. We found out facts about how people used to keep warm, wash clothes, cook food, light a room when it was dark and have a bath. One of our favourite facts was the toilet being situated outside! For literacy we wrote our favourite facts. We investigated different soaps to find out which was the best for removing a stain. We also made our own soap flakes.

In maths we used different strategies to solve addition number stories such as using our fingers, a number line and a tens frame. We also counted on along a number line to calculate the total to complete addition number sentences.

We also made a thaumatrope with a happy and sad face and printed patterns using a bun tray! We mustn’t forget our special visitor too. Harold the giraffe came to talk to us all about our bodies and how to keep healthy.

Week 5

Africa continued…

We enjoyed learning about African homes last week so we continued to learn more about Africa. Our text this week was Handa’s Surprise. We sequenced the events in the story, identified the adjectives used to describe the fruit and also talked about the questions. We wrote about the story in our literacy books. We used our observational skills to describe the fruit that Handa put in her basket. We also learned about different animal patterns and recreated them in the painting area.

In maths this week we built numbers beyond ten. We explored numbers to 20 and learnt how they are one full ten and… We also looked at numbers on the 100 square and focused on counting in tens. We used this knowledge to play a ten frame game and arrange objects into groups of ten to find out how many altogether.

Week 4

An African home

This week we have learnt about homes in rural Africa and written some facts for literacy. We also located Africa on a globe and talked about the hot climate using a torch to represent the sun. We used paint, cling film, a fork and cotton buds to create our own red hot sun independently. In maths we were great maths detectives and investigated pairs of numbers which make ten. We also sang an African song and used body percussion and drums to tap out the beat.

Week 3

Other Royal Residences

We did some learning at home this week as well as at school. We learned about some other royal residences such as Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Sandringham. We did some research and wrote some facts. We also made some very regal crowns. In maths we explored pairs of numbers which made seven and eight. We also calculated missing numbers by counting how many bean bags we could see and counting on to find how many were hidden.

Week 2

Buckingham Palace

This week we have been learning about London and facts about the Royal Residence Buckingham Palace. Did you know it has 78 bathrooms? For literacy we wrote facts that we had learned. In maths we explored ways of making 4, 5 and 6 with two numbers. Then we had to solve a problem. We had to arrange 6 different dot patterns to make totals of 4, 5 and 6. We also painted portraits of the Queen and polished shiny objects using different types of cloths. We had fun on some balance bikes too!

Week 1

All about my house

This week we have been learning all about our own houses. We looked at pictures of our own houses and talked about what they are like inside. We have talked about different types of houses such as detached, semi-detached, bungalows and so on. For literacy we wrote about our own houses. We looked at how bricks overlap in a brick wall. We recreated the texture of bricks by adding sand to paint and using wooden bricks to print a brick wall pattern. We cut out a house shape and drew and labelled the inside of our house.

In maths we have been arranging different numbers of houses in pairs and identifying whether a number is odd or even. We also arranged houses along a road so the even numbers were on one side and the odd numbers on the other. We have also celebrated St George’s day.


Spring Term B

We began this half term by continuing to do some great learning both in school and at home. Then we have all enjoyed being back at school with our friends!


Week 12


This week we learnt all about Easter. We learnt about why we celebrate Easter, made an Easter card and wrote a message inside in our best writing. We also made an Easter bunny hat independently. At home we made Easter bonnets and brought them to school and had an Easter bonnet parade. We also made Easter baskets for an Easter egg hunt. We made Some yummy Easter nests and learnt about how chocolate changes from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid again. It’s called a reversible change! We tasted hot cross buns and learnt to sing and sign ‘hot cross buns’. Can you spot us signing?
In maths this week we focused on the tens frame and counted two groups altogether which made a total of ten.

Week 11

Captain Sir Tom Moore

This week we have been learning all about Captain Sir Tom Moore. We wrote some facts we had learnt for literacy and used them to design a suitable medal to reflect his life. We used our observational skills to draw pictures of him. We also talked about the adventures he had been on and discussed where we would choose to go on an adventure. We learnt about Florence Nightingale and as she was known as ‘the lady of the lamp’ we made our own lamps. We ‘grew’ rainbows using felt tip pens on kitchen towel and dipping it in water.

We used the 100 square to compare ages. We talked about how many squares we would colour in according to age. Four or five for us and one hundred for Captain Sir Tom! We also explored different ways of making six and then found the matching addition number sentences.

Week 10

The Colour Monster continued...

This week we have continued learning about the colour monster. We created our own page for the book focusing on the feeling of worry. We voted for the colour purple to represent the feeling of worry. We used red and blue to mix the colour purple and paint a colour monster. We have been Super Scientists by making some cabbage water which was blue and changed it to pink by adding vinegar and then purple by adding bicarbonate of soda.
We have also enjoyed practising reading independently to our friends! We also learnt all about St Patrick's Day and celebrated by making flags, hats and leprechauns. It was also Comic Relief.

In maths this week we have been sequencing daily events as well as looking at two dimensional shapes.

What a busy week!

Week 9

The Colour Monster

We welcomed back all our friends to school this week. We have settled back into the school routine amazingly well! We have all been chosen for 'Star of The Week'.

This week we have reading the book 'The Colour Monster' and focused on the feeling of being happy and the colour yellow.  We have talked and written about what makes us happy. We looked at and discussed sunflowers and Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers. Then we used pastels to draw our own sunflower independently!

We have mixed different shades of yellow to paint our own colour monster, used our observational skills to look at yellow fruit and vegetables and made models of the colour monster using yellow play dough. In maths we have been naming and talking about the properties of 3D shapes and creating repeating patterns.

What a great week back at school. Well done Cubs!


Week 8

The Gingerbread Man

What a busy week we have had! We started the week by learning all about and celebrating St David's Day. We made Welsh flags and daffodils. We also did some observational drawings of daffodils and tasted Welsh cakes. We even had leeks in the role play and 'made' leek soup and leek pie!

Then we read the story of the Gingerbread man. In the role play area we had some gingerbread man play dough to make gingerbread men when role playing the story. We followed a recipe to make and decorate gingerbread men we could actually eat. We had to be quick before they ran away! For the reading challenge we ordered the instructions for making gingerbread men. We also wrote speech bubbles for the characters.

We investigated what would happen to the gingerbread man in different temperatures of water.

In maths we counted and ordered numbers backwards from 20 to 1. We also sorted some dominoes into groups by counting the total number of spots. We sorted those which were more than, fewer than or the same as a given number.

It was also World Book Day and we enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character.

At home

Week 7

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week our text has been The Three Billy Goats Gruff. After reading the story we created a story map and enjoyed role playing the story both inside and outside. We even used the appropriate voices for the characters! Then we able to write some speech bubbles for the characters. Can you spot us doing some Three Billy Goats Gruff story yoga? We grew some tasty green grass for the goats too in the small world.

In maths we have been ordering numbers and exploring ways of using two numbers to make totals of nine and ten. We have been writing our own addition number sentences.

We have also had fun making handprint goats and building a bridge across the river.


Spring Term A

The children are doing some great learning! Scroll down below to see what we have been doing each week both at school and at home. Well done Cubs!

Week 6

Jack and the Beanstalk

What a busy half term it has been both at school and at home. This week our text has been Jack and the Beanstalk. We have enjoyed retelling the story in the small world using our own words. We followed instructions to plant a bean seed and made a castle to put in the pot. I wonder whose bean seed will grow to the castle first? We thought of alternative words to describe the size of the giant and made a giant cookie. But look out! who's that? Can you spot the giant?

In maths we have been measuring, comparing and ordering objects by length. We made some play dough bean stalks and measured them using paper clips.


Week 5

The Three Little Pigs

This week our text has been the story of The Three Little pigs. We have put the events of the story in order and enjoyed role play using the appropriate voices for each character. We wanted to find the wolf after he had run away so we wrote 'Wanted' posters. We also did some Three Little Pigs reading activities.

We have been learning all about heavy and light during maths and ordering objects by weight.

We have been engineers building houses that are strong enough to withstand the huff and puff of the wolf. We used a hairdryer to test the strength of our houses.

Week 4

All about birds.

This week we have focused on birds. We have been observing birds outside and talking about what we have seen. We even have a very own resident robin! To encourage the birds we made bird feeders. As part of our literacy we wrote the instructions for making the bird feeder. We have labelled a blackbird and learned some facts about robins including completing a robin reading challenge!

In maths we have been number detectives! We have investigated different numbers. We arranged six birds on two branches in different ways. We also investigated ways of making eight by arranging spots on a ladybird.

We continue to do some great home learning too! Look at what we have done. Camouflaged bird spotting binoculars, painted stones, bird feeders....!

Week 3

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Our story this week has been the Elves and The Shoemaker. We have been looking at and talking about all sorts of different shoes! We have written about our favourite pair of shoes and designed and made shoes. We have written about what would happen if our shoes were magical! We have estimated and counted how many cubes fit in different sized shoes. We have also counted how many pairs of shoes fit in a dinosaur footprint!


Week 2

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we have been enjoying the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have completed some great learning both in school and at home. We have role played the story using different voices for the characters. We have written about our favourite part of the story and made cards for the Three Bears to say sorry from Goldilocks. We have been reading, writing and ordering numbers to twenty.

We have also been engineers, designing and making a chair for the Three Bears for them to sit on and watch a film together!



Week 1

The Arctic

This week we have been Arctic explorers! We made some binoculars to look at the environment and observe the animals that live there. We drew pictures of Arctic animals and wrote facts about the Arctic including learning about Inuits. For our reading challenge we had to dress up as an Arctic explorer by reading instructions that told us what to put on.

We did lots of counting and played a number game.


Super Scientists!


The First Christmas 

Here is Cubs and Foals Christmas performance. They have done amazingly well. We hope you enjoy it!
We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.



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Clip clop

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Knock knock

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Following the star

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Away in a manger

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Jesus is born

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A harvest song.

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Autumn 1

We have enjoyed exploring our new environment and have been doing lots of great learning!


Cubs Welcome.MOV

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Cub's children from 2019-2020

Sport Relief

We took part in sport relief. We had to collect four different coloured bands. Well done Cubs! You were amazing!

Science Week!

We had lots of fun exploring and investigating during science week. We used our observational skills and discussed what we saw. You can look at what we did in the photos below!

We took part in the RSPB Big Bird Watch

Harvest Festival at the Methodist Church.

Lunchtime on our first day at school.

Using the outside area on our first day!