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Welcome to Falcon's Class!

Hello and welcome to the Falcon's class page. Mr Fennell teaches the Falcons and Mrs Brooks supports the learning. 

We are really excited for this year as we have lots of fun things planned! 

The first topic on our learning journey is 'All About Me' and then 'The Great Fire of London'. We will also be learning about different celebrations and cultures throughout the year including a Christmas Nativity performance.


Our P.E days are Wednesday and Friday.



Falcon's Welcome Booklet

Autumn 1

Great Fire of London Workshop by Partake Theatre Company. 

On the 16th October 2019 the Partake Theatre company came to Manor Park and did a Great Fire of London Workshop. The children real enjoyed learning more about the Great Fire. The children dressed up in authentic clothing and learnt about how the people escaped the Great Fire on boats across the River Thames.


The Falcons class had a great time at Brackenhurst. The children completed a picture hunt in the walled garden and did some team building activities on the main lawn. The children learnt how to work as a team and problem solve.


Summer 2

Amazing Animals

Our new topic is amazing animals. We will learn about nocturnal and rainforest animals. Look at the topic information below.

Amazing Animals Topic Information

We are having a wonderful time learning about the amazing animals that live in the Rainforest. To kick start our topic we invited the Whitepost farm into school. 

They brought with them an amazing array of different Rainforest animals. We learnt how these animals are adapted to live within the Rainforest and the different food chains that exist within the Rainforest.


We looked at the story 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry. In the story a man walks into the rainforest and falls asleep. The children were challenged to build a shelter for Senhor that could keep him dry if a monsoon hit the rainforest. 

Look below for the children's shelters.


We are having a great time in the Falcons class learning about people who have been and who are Superheroes.

So far we have learnt about Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie who have both changed the world for the better and who are Superheroes to the world. We have also looked at the book Traction Man by Mini Grey and we have written instructions for Superhero smoothies.

We are now going to look at Superheroes in our local community who help us like police officers, vets and fire fighters.

Easter Concert

On Thursday 4th April 2019 the Falcons and the Meerkats took part in the Easter Concert. The children really enjoyed singing and signing the songs using British Sign Language.


As part of our topic on Superheroes we have been learning about Robin Hood and debating whether he is a Superhero or not. Some children believe that he was a Superhero because he helped the poor but others believe that he wasn't because he stole from the rich. We learnt how to fire an arrow from a bow and hit a target.

Measuring in Art and Maths

We really enjoy our maths lessons in the Falcons class. This week we have been learning about how to measure in centimetres and decided to combine art and maths together. The children measured out buildings and then cut them out. They added windows and doors and of course the height of their building in centimetres. The children repeated this until they had created a city scape. The children then went on to work out the difference in height between one building and another. 

Some children drew around their feet and hands and then measured them with 50p coins, paper clips and cubes. The children estimated before they measured.


Shakespeare Workshop

The Nonsuch theatre company came into school and worked with the children on the Shakespeare play a 'Midsummer's Nights Dream'. 

The children dressed up in costumes and performed the play to each other. 

Happy New Year from the Falcons.

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and we wish you all a fantastic new year.

In the Falcons class we have started our new topic 'Superheroes'. 

Come back in a few weeks to see what we have been learning.

Christmas in the Falcons

In the Falcons we have been very busy over the Christmas period. We have performed three Christmas nativities, one Christingle concert and we have sung three times in the local community. We also had a special visit from Santa and his elf!

We have had a great time and we wish everyone at Manor Park a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dungeons and Dragons

The Falcon children are really enjoying our topic 'Dungeons and Dragons'. Today we learnt about the Bayeux Tapestry that depicts the story of the battle of Hastings and William the Conqueror. The children then made their own tapestry by weaving material and drawing soldiers, horses and boats.

Warwick Castle

The Falcon children really enjoyed visiting Warwick Castle on Tuesday 6th November. The children loved looking around the castle and exploring all the rooms, towers and battlements. The children even watched a bird of prey show and learnt more about castle life and William the Conqueror.

Homework Smart

The Falcon children have been busy at home making castles, presentations and posters as part of our 'Homework Smart'. Take a look below at some of the amazing castles that have been sent in by parents and carers.