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Welcome to Meerkat's Class!

Hello and welcome to the Meerkat's class page. Mrs Taylor and Mrs Lockley teach the Meerkats and Mrs Evans supports the learning. 

We are really excited for this year as we have lots of fun things planned! 


Our P.E days are  Wednesdays so please send the children in their full PE kit on this day.

Our classroom

As we are unable to invite you in the classroom at the moment we will share some photographs for you to enjoy.

Our Question this week was... How would you defend your castle?

The class enjoyed watching this BBC clip. Can they remember any of the features of a castle?

You may need to copy and past into Google, sorry.


Our School Christmas Tree with the decorations we have decorated.

We love dancing this song!

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This song is called Feel it still.

Cricket 26th November 2020

19th November 2020

Anti Bullying Week

Today we had a focus on Anti Bullying. We spoke about bullying being on purpose and occurring over and over again. The children know that bullying can take many forms and that we need to tell someone if they or a friend is being bullied. 


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We love to sign to songs in the Meerkats. Shotgun is one of our favourites!

18th November 2020


This week we had a chance to try hockey. The class did really well and loved having the opportunity to try something new.


Weaving techniques and designs using ribbons.

Children in Need on Friday 13th November- We joined in with the Joe Wick’s 24 hour workout!

The Battle of Hastings re-enactment _ The voyage to England!

We love to dance in the Meerkat class. It helps us to focus and get our brains ready for work. The class love the ‘Believer’ dance on the Go Noodle app. It is free if you would like to try it at home too.


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Today we began a six week block of cricket sessions delivered by Martin. The children had lots of fun practicing their catching skills. Have a look at some of the photographs.

13th November Learning to bowl

Super Science 

Take a look at the book we made describing the human life cycle. 
Thanks again for your support with the photographs.

Harvest Festival 12th October 2020

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The children have been learning why Harvest is celebrated around the world. They learned actions to help recite a Harvest poem and enjoyed performing The Big Red Combine Harvester song.

Stars of the Week



Hello everyone.


We have had a really great start to the new school year in the Meerkats. The children have adapted really well to the new class routines and are enjoying working and playing in their class bubble.  We have introduced some playtime resources, which are proving popular and dinnertime with their class bubble appears to be working well too.

Our learning so far…


  • In Maths, we have been learning all about place value and have used the greater than/less than and equals symbols to compare numbers.  We have now moved on to learning to use the part/whole model to solve addition.


  • In Science, we have been learning about keeping our bodies safe and healthy and also learning about the five senses.


  • In PE, we are taking advantage of being able to go outside and are developing our skills in football.


  • Guided Reading has got off to a good start with our focus on books written by the author, Martin Waddell.  We have really enjoyed our focussed activities on  Owl Babies and the Pig in the Pond.


  • The children are thoroughly enjoying our regular PE day on Wednesdays.


Dungeons and Dragons!


  • We have begun our exciting topic on Dungeons and Dragons.  Much of our work will be cross curricular and will include studying The Battle of Hastings 1066, William the Conqueror and Dragons!


  • In our English lessons, we have been writing all about dragons, including writing descriptive sentences and instructions for how to trap a dragon. We are now starting our unit on William the Conqueror in readiness for writing a recount of the Battle of Hastings.


  • In art we have some great opportunities planned in over the next few weeks, the results of which we will begin to add to our class page….so please keep an eye out.

Welcome to the Meerkats.mp4

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Meerkat's children from 2019-2020


Autumn 2

Great Fire of London Workshop by Partake Theatre Company. 

On the 16th October 2019 the Partake Theatre company came to Manor Park and did a Great Fire of London Workshop. The children real enjoyed learning more about the Great Fire. The children dressed up in authentic clothing and learnt about how the people escaped the Great Fire on boats across the River Thames.

Amazing Animals

Our new topic is amazing animals. We will learn about nocturnal and rainforest animals. Look at the topic information below.

Amazing Animals Topic Information

As part of our superhero topic, we have designed and made mod roc superheroes.  First we  used newspaper to sculpture our figures. We rolled, squashed, twisted and built up layers of newspaper to strengthen before we applied the mod roc!  When dry we selected our paint colours.  Finally, we used fabrics and other materials to dress them.  We think they look fantastic and we're sure you'll agree!


4 April 2019 - Easter celebrations! The Meerkats joined the Falcons to present their Easter concert.. I'm sure you will agree that they looked just the part in their Easter bonnet creations!

29th March 2019. The Meerkats had a special treat today! - Everyone in our class had earned golden tickets this term and so were rewarded with an archery session.

28th March - We think our mums (and grans) are so special. Happy Mother's day!

25th March 2019

Today we enjoyed taking part in a Robin Hood drama workshop. We learned about how Robin Hood formed his famous band of merry men and lived as outlaws in Sherwood Forest.   Below are some pictures of us acting out the story!

4-8th March 2019


This week we have held a Manor Park Book week!  

The children in the Meerkats visited a different class to share their books with other children and parents and family members were invited to come in every day to read.  The teachers did class swaps and shared their favourite books with children in another class. All Key Stage 1 classes visited Calverton Library where they were treated to a host of new stories read by Sharon the Librarian.  FINALLY... on Thursday 7th March (World Book Day) children and staff all dressed up as their favourite book characters; there were some amazing costume ideas including the famous Tin Tin!  See below:

Superhero Topic Information


As part of our Dungeons and Dragons topic the  children completed a piece of extended homework.  Some chose to make castle models and others wrote stories, information books, posters, etc.  Here are some lovely examples of their work.  

November 6th 2018

As part of our Dungeons and Dragons topic, we have been learning all about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  Following his victory, we learned that William built many Motte and Bailey castles all around England.  We visited Warwick Castle which still had features originating from Norman times..   

Summer Term 2018


(Around the world and through time)

Wow, what a busy half term we have had in Key Stage 1. The children have been looking at the topic Journeys. We have journeyed around the world and we are now journeying through time. The children have time traveled back to 1912 and studied how the Titanic sank. The children have looked at the ship, the different types of passengers (1st, 2nd and 3rd class), the food on board and the different activities that people could enjoy.

The year 2 children have also been busy completing their SATs, and they went on a trip to Southwell Minster. The children enjoyed meeting the choristers and looking around the cathedral. 

The year 1 children enjoyed a day trip to Woodborough Woods Foundation School and participated in a multi skills event.

Spring Term 2018



This term we have been looking at space. The children have learnt about the space race, the solar system and the 1960's.

The children also went to the National Space Centre where they enjoyed all the different exhibits and the amazing planetarium show.

Autumn Term 2017

'Our Colourful World'

Wow, what an amazing term we have had. The children have been learning about Kenya through our topic 'Our colourful world'. We have been learning about Kenya by studying the book Lila and the secret of rain by David Conway. 

During the autumn term, we also had Arnold fire service come and visit. The children really enjoyed learning about fire safety and were able to experience a fire engine and all the equipment it carries. 

Many of the children now want to be firefighters when they are adults.


Summer Term 2017

Twycross Zoo

We have been learning about the rainforest. To help us learn more about the rainforest all the Key stage 1 children went to Twycross Zoo. At the zoo we saw many rainforest animals as well as animals from different habitats. The children even stroked a Chinchilla and a Cockroach!!