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Welcome to Foal's Class!

Mrs Gibson teaches the Foals and Miss O'Brien is the teaching assistant. We are really excited to welcome your children to our class and we have lots of fun things planned for them.


Our P.E. days are on a Tuesday. Please bring Reading Folders into school everyday.

week 10



We have had a very busy week in school. We have been learning about protecting our oceans and recycling. We have learned about the work that  David Attenborough does to promote recycling and taking care of our planet. In Literacy we have made some posters about recycling and keeping our beaches clean. 
In Numeracy we have been investigating ‘half’ using cakes, oranges and pears. We have also been sharing a given number of objects into equal groups. For example sharing 12 buttons between three and then four gingerbread men. 
On our science table, we have been learning to be environmentalists and  monitoring the pollution and how the ocean has changed over the course of the week. 
We have enjoyed exercising our funky fingers by making playdough sea turtles. We also practiced our cutting skills by cutting out scales from plastic bags to create a fish. We have enjoyed making some collaborative pieces of art this week. Miss O Brien helped us to make a sea turtle using recycled milk bottle tops and an octopus from old carrier bags. We also painted a seascape onto cling film. Mrs Lockley also showed us how to make  paper from old magazines. We had great fun making our own blue and green paper. 
On Monday we were all able to take part in a workshop on wheelchair basket ball. We had a great time learning new skills and working as a team. On Thursday afternoon, we all went to Lowdham school on a coach to take part in a special multi sports event. We took part in many different sporting games in teams to earn points. Everyone enjoyed themselves. 

Week 9




We have had a very exciting week learning about different species of Shark. The children have enjoyed learning different facts about The Great White Shark and The Whale Shark. We then talked about and compared the two creatures. For their Literacy work, the children wrote different facts about sharks. We read the story of ‘The Shark in the Park’. Many children chose to write the story In their own words during independent learning time. 
In Numeracy, we have been learning to double numbers. We had a doubling robot. We fed him a number of cubes that he then doubled. The children have been practicing doubles in different ways throughout the week. We particularly enjoyed the story of the lady who kept having double trouble with her pets. The children were challenged to double each group of pets.
We have been busy making rocking sharks using our cutting skills on the making table. We also made a shark picture using different kinds of paper. We have painted some amazing pictures of the Great White shark too, we had to mix different shades of grey to do this.
On the science table, we have been identifying different shark species and talking about the similarities and differences. We also explored floating and sinking. 
We have had fun learning some songs about the sea too. Outside we continued to build dens and role play being at the seaside. The children have great imaginations. Have a very restful weekend. 

week 8

Ocean Layers


We have had a super week of learning in school this week. The children have enjoyed learning all about the different Ocean layers. They are fascinated by some of the strange and unusual sea creatures that we have been learning about. We have been reading non fiction books about sea creatures. The children then chose a creature to write some facts about in their literacy books. 
In Numeracy, we continued to learn about subtraction. This week we have been using a number line to count back and to help us solve our calculations. Then to make sure that we could really demonstrate our understanding we played a game. We counted out a group of fish. We covered them, over ,  Mrs Gibson took some away without us seeing. We had to use our knowledge to work out how many fish had been taken. We were very good at this game.
We have been super scientists too. Mrs Morris has helped us all conduct some fantastic experiments. We have made the waves in the sea using baby oil, water and food colouring. We also made a bottle showing the,different ocean layers  which we then observed carefully. 
On the painting table, we mixed different shades of blue and painted a picture to represent the different ocean layers. We made blue darker by adding black and lighter by adding white. We then cut out different sea creatures and stuck them into our background in the different layers of the ocean that they live in. The children also  enjoyed using their hands to print an octopus. They added suckers by sticking cheerio’s along the tentacles.
Outside we have had great fun working together to build dens. The children then added some sea and the beach and created their own role play stories.
All of the children have made a card to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. Have a lovely day on Sunday.

week 7 

The Oceans 


The children returned to school full of stories about the exciting Jubilee weekend they had experienced. we have really enjoyed hearing about all the different celebrations and parties that took place. Thank you for the pictures that have been sent in too.
The excitement continued when we  began our learning about The Five Oceans of the World. The children have been looking at where the oceans are, naming them and learning facts about different oceans. In literacy the children chose their favourite ocean to write about.They enjoyed remembering and writing different facts that we had learned. The children are very keen to write independently. There are some beautiful pieces of work being produced. 
Our science work has been very exciting too. We have been conducting different experiments to introduce the concepts of dissolving and density. We know that many of the children have asked to try this again at home which is great. We are waiting on the results of an experiment that we began this week. We hope that we will have produced some salt crystals. The children are eager to find out on Monday. 

The children have enjoyed looking closely at shells and sketching them. We have some talented artists. They have also been chalking the different sea creatures that they are learning about on our playground. 

In Numeracy, we have begun to learn about subtraction. The children have enjoyed learning to read and solve their own subtraction number sentences. We will be continuing this work next week as well. 
Our PE lessons are now being spent outside practicing some races and events for sports day. May we take this opportunity to remind you that Tuesday is once again our PE day. The children should come to school in a white t shirt, navy or black shorts, leggings or jogging trousers and a navy sweatshirt. 
Hopefully we will see some sun this half term. The children should bring a hat and a water bottle to school everyday. 

week 6


The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 

What a fantastic day we have had to end a busy half term. The children looked amazing in their red, white and blue to celebrate The Queen’s Jubilee. The highlight of our week was today when we shared a celebration Jubilee lunch on the field.  
We have spent the week learning facts about our Queen. The children have been fascinated hearing about royal life. We have written independently about the Queen, remembering many different interesting facts. 
Our topic work has focused on different aspects of the Queens life. We have learnt about Windsor castle and found that it is as opulent as Buckingham Palace. We have watched the Trooping of the Colour ceremony and talked about different aspects of it.  
The children have especially enjoyed our work on the Crown jewels. We learned about the Tower of London and the symbolic ravens. We looked at the Imperial State Crown and Prince Edward’s crown. The children were amazed to learn that there are over three thousand different jewels on the Imperial Crown. Throughout the week, we have also been busy making bunting ready for our celebration lunch today
On the making table this week, we have been continuing to work on our collaborative model of Buckingham Palace as well as making our own crowns encrusted in jewels. We have enjoyed looking at the Queens head on different coins, stamps and bank notes. Some children made some fantastic rubbings.
Some of the children have been drawing Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, crown’s and the Queen in chalk. Our playground looks very bright and colourful. 

week 5

Buckingham Palace 

Our learning this week has taken us to London where we have visited Buckingham Palace. The children have been amazed by the grandeur and luxury inside the building. We enjoyed a tour of some of the state rooms where we learned new facts about the Palace. During the second part of the week we have been learning about the queens guards. 
In Literacy the children have enjoyed writing about the palace. We have worked really hard to remember to use finger spaces and capital letters in our work. 
In numeracy we have continued to work on our adding skills. We have been using part part whole models to solve our calculations. 
On the making table we have been working collaboratively to create a large model of Buckingham Palace. We have also made split pin soldiers and soldiers using lolly sticks. The children have been looking closely at photographs of the Palace and tried hard to produce their own pencil drawings. We have also added our own finger print guards to pictures of Buckingham Palace. 
After we had seen pictures of all the beautiful ornate and shiny ornaments in Buckingham Palace, we  have also been busy polishing our own silverware .
Some children have created fantastic models of Buckingham Palace using the construction toys too. They went on to create their own stories about the queen and her guards. 

week 4

Cold Countries

In contrast to the hot African plains, this week , our learning has taken us to the coldest countries in the world . We have been learning about different houses that people live in from igloos to wooden Arctic town houses and Canadian log houses. After learning what life is like for people in cold and hot countries, we held a discussion and a vote to decide where children would like to live. In both classes the igloo was the favourite.
In literacy we have been writing about igloos . We looked carefully at the shape of an igloo and how the igloo is built. We spent some time learning about the inside of an igloo and looked at pictures of the inside of an igloo. Again the children were shocked to learn that Inuit children who reside in igloos would not have electronic toys to play with.
We have cut out igloos and printed ‘snow blocks’ onto the shape to create a picture. We also learnt how to draw our own igloos using special art pens.  We then transferred this skill onto dishes and used our cutting skills to transform them into igloos too. We had great fun with  the funky fingers challenge, we had to make igloos using sugar lumps.
In Numeracy we have been learning to count on using a number line. We continued to practice this skill by playing a counting game outside too.

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, the children are really enjoying learning  in the water. They are becoming very able at creating tunnels and gulleys for the water to flow down.

week 3


African Homes

This week we have been learning about Africa. We have looked at the different houses and homes in Africa and compared them to our own houses. We have looked at different African cities and villages and talked about the similarities and differences to towns and cities in Britain. 
In literacy we have written about African mud huts. We have tried really hard to use finger spaces in our writing. We looked at photographs of the inside of the houses and compared them to our own houses. We also talked about how the villagers cooked, washed and got fresh water. The children were very shocked when they learnt that it was very unlikely that the children who lived in the round houses had tablets and electronic toys. We then looked at African towns and cities and the different buildings and how similar they are to our homes. 
Our number work has been around the concept of spatial awareness. We recapped on our shape knowledge as well. We enjoyed copying large shapes that were made using planks and crates.outside.
We have looked at African animals and different flags. We found Africa on Google earth. We have also learned about the hot sun in Africa. Our art work was based on this learning. We used red, orange and yellow to paint our own pictures of the sun. We also  created patterns using 2D shapes onto pictures of round houses. 
Everyone enjoyed joining in a discussion about which type of house they would like to live in best and why.

week 2

My House



This week we have been learning about houses. We have all written about the features of our houses. Some children chose to do some independent writing about the rooms in their houses too. 
We looked very carefully at all of our different addresses. We talked about the different street, road, closes and avenues that we live on. We found our houses on Google earth.
In numeracy, we have been looking at the composition of numbers. We made teen numbers from Numicon and have been learning to count in tens. 
In our topic work this week, we have been learning about all the different machines that are needed to build houses and the jobs that people do on a building site.  If you have opportunity over the long weekend, perhaps you could walk past one of the building sites in the village and talk to your child about the different buildings and machines that they can see. 
Our science activities have been focused on pushes and pulls. We spent time talking about how different objects move. Do they need a push or a pull ?

The children have enjoyed printing brick patterns and drawing their houses on the art and making tables as well as choosing their own things to make and draw.

summer Term


Week 1

St George’s Day


We have had a lovely first week back after our Easter break. The children were really pleased to see that some tulips had bloomed in amongst the daffodils, making our garden look spectacularly colourful.
Our big surprise this week as the arrival of some shiny eggs in an incubator. The children have been so excited to watch the tiny chicks hatch out. We have enjoyed watching the chicks grow stronger everyday. We hope that we will be able to hold them next week. 
We have been learning about St George and England this week. Our writing  has been around St George and the dragon. We have been painting dragons and knights as well as making knights using split pins.
We have been learning about different English symbols and traditions such as a cup of tea, fish and chips and of course afternoon tea. We have had opportunity to investigate tea leaves and tea bags. We observed what happens when teabags are put in cold water. 
For our maths learning this week, we have been exploring numbers and number patterns. We looked at odd and even numbers. We looked at how houses are numbered on the streets. We discovered that one side of the street has all the odd numbered houses and the other side has the even numbered houses. 

We had a lovely end to the week this afternoon, we have had a wonderful English Tea Party to celebrate St George’s day. We all enjoyed a cream and jam scone together.

week 12

The Easter Story 


As we come to the end of the Spring Term, we have had another busy week in Foundation 2. The children have enjoyed learning about Easter,  new life and new beginnings. We have explored life cycles of chicks, frogs and plants. On our science investigation table, we were challenged to see if we could complete the life cycles of a hen, a plant and a frog. We learned how to draw a baby chick and a lamb as well as making chick pictures using our painted hand prints. 
In literacy the children have been busy writing an Easter card to their families. They were  also challenged to draw and label things that they had learnt about Easter. Some children wrote some fantastic sentences about interesting things that they had learnt independently. 
In Numeracy we have been learning about 3D shapes. We talked about shapes in the environment and which 2 D shapes we could see in 3D shapes. We investigated and tested the best shapes to build a tower with and which shapes roll and which don’t. 
Over on the making table , we have been painting patterns on egg shapes using cotton buds, we have decorated and made Easter Baskets and used wax crayons and tape to make a picture of the cross. We also learnt how to make a fantastic Easter lamb picture. We all enjoyed tasting hot cross buns as well. Everyone declared them delicious.
The highlight of the week came on Friday. We all looked amazing in our beautiful Easter  Bonnets. We all took part in a parade so that we could see our friends hats and Mr Fennel had a very difficult decision to make. Kendall won the prize for our class with her beautiful rabbit themed hat. The Easter bunny also came to visit and left chocolate eggs hidden in our garden for us to find. We have all bought some home in our Easter baskets.

I hope that you all have a lovely holiday and a rest. Keep on looking out for those shapes children. You may also want to keep a diary of your holiday adventures. We look forward to seeing you all back on April 19th. 

Week 11

Mother’s Day

This week we have been talking about our mums and how special they are. Everyone enjoyed writing about their own special mum in our literacy lessons, some children continued this in their independent learning which was lovely to see.We have also been talking about the traditional tales that we have read over the past few weeks. We had a vote to find out which was the most popular traditional tale. Cubs and Foals both liked The Gingerbread Man best. We then retold this very popular tale in our own words. Children chose to build their own story maps so that they could share the story with their families.

 In numeracy we were recalling number bonds to 10. Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. Morris did some magic with a dice! We took it in turns to roll the dice and they were able to say which number was hidden underneath! When we turned it over they were right. We worked out that opposite numbers on a dice total 7. So for example if 5 was on the top 2 must be underneath.
We have also been engaged in some great learning outside in the lovely Spring sunshine. We have used our imaginations to create with the building materials and have also enjoyed having the water out and making ‘lemonade’. We continued our art week learning with lots of children choosing to draw and paint outside. We have created a fantastic art gallery with all of our work.The children really enjoyed learning about the story of Noah’s Ark over the past few weeks. They built a fantastic Ark using logs, planks and tyres. They enjoyed role playing.

The best part of our week has been making a special card for mums.  They were made with much love and care. Have a super day together on Sunday.

Week 10

Art Week


This week is art week in school. everyday we will be learning new skills and creating new pieces of art work. Keep an eye on our page as we will load pictures of us working and creating everyday this week.

Drumming Workshop 

Today was drumming day. We all attended a drumming workshop. We had a great time learning a new skill then taking part in an assembly to show off what we had learnt.

Our learning in and out of the classroom today


    Our Learning 


Today we had fun completing the first part of our special pictures. We chose our favourite patterns from the ones that we had been practicing in our sketchbook yesterday, then we carefully copied it onto a piece of card. 
We enjoyed copying a tiger pattern, as well as nature repeating patterns. We created pictures outside using hoops as frames for our work. In the afternoon everyone joined in creating a huge piece of art work on the floor. 


St Patrick’s Day


Today we celebrated St Patrick’s day. All of our learning had an Irish theme. We enjoyed learning all about the story of St Patrick and some of the symbols that are special to Ireland and Irish people. We all enjoyed listening to Mrs Paige tell us about St Patrick. We all had a fantastic day.

A summary of our great week


Today was the last day of our amazing week. We have all had so much fun trying out different art activities. We certainly have some talented children in the foals.

We have had the most fantastic week learning lots of different art techniques. We have been learning about the artist Lubaina Himid. We spent time looking at her work and talking about the different pieces of art and the techniques that are used.  
We have focused on pattern this week. The children spent time discussing the different patterns that Lubaina uses in her work. The children had a practice at making their own patterns in their sketch books. The children were encouraged to use oil pastels, soft pastels, wax crayon and sketching pens. We then went onto choose our favourite patterns and copied that onto card to make the background for our special piece of art work. 
The second part of our picture was to create a portrait of either Marcus Rashford or Nicola Adams using different techniques which was then stuck onto the background we created earlier in the week. We spent some time learning about their work and achievements. We had a go at drawing portraits of ourselves  and our friends. 
Our maths learning focussed on patterns too. The children have created repeating patterns of their own using natural resources. We looked closely at animal patterns and tried to copy them. The children also made pattern pictures using buttons. There have been some great flowers, rainbows and faces made. 
As you saw earlier in the week, a real highlight for us came on Tuesday when we welcomed Miller the African drummer into school. We all enjoyed hearing about his work and taking part in a workshop. Everyone joined in an assembly to share our drumming skills with each other. We are all looking forward to Monday now when we will be sharing our work with everyone in the school.

Week 9

Jack and the Beanstalk 


This week we have been learning all about Jack and the beanstalk. We have focussed on the character of the giant. We discussed adjectives to describe the giant and thought of alternative words for ‘big’ such as ‘huge’ and ‘massive’. We then wrote a description of the giant in our literacy books. Some children made some fantastic ‘Giant Wanted’ posters using different adjectives during their independent learning time.

In maths we have been comparing length and height. We have used words such as as short, shortest, shorter; long, longest, longer and tall, tallest, taller. It was great to see the children measuring different objects around the classroom. We have also used cubes to measure play dough beanstalks and giant footsteps and Jack footsteps to measure the playground. We also investigated how far cars travelled using ramps at different heights. The children were then designing their own ramps and testing them out. They learnt to mark how far each car had travelled and were comparing distance.
We have been Super Scientists and Great Gardeners planting beans and discussing what they need to help them grow. We watched an amazing you tube video that showed us how a seed germinates.

Over on the making table, we made a castle in the clouds to put in our bean pots. They are sat in a sunny spot now so that we can see the plants grow.  We also used blue and yellow to mix green and paint a beanstalk. Some children have drawn giants and cut out clouds and a castle to make a picture. 

week 8

Jack and the Beanstalk


We have had another busy week learning. In literacy we bought in our favourite book and sharing them with our friends. We have been reading and writing about our favourite book character. We dressed up as book characters to celebrate World Book Day and we looked absolutely fabulous! We have also read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk which we will continue next week. In numeracy we investigated pairs of numbers which make 10. In teams we were challenged to arrange pairs of numbered leaves with a total of 10 on a beanstalk. We also celebrated St David’s day. We made flags and daffodils. We did some observational drawings using a range of media from pencil crayons to chalk and pastels. We also did some wonderful paintings of daffodils too. 
On Friday we enjoyed listening to an amazing story teller today who told us the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.
In addition we have been practicing our Scientific skills.We have observed how the bulbs we planted in Autumn are growing now that Spring is on its way! We looked at a daffodil that had been dug up (it was replanted afterwards!). We learnt the names for the different parts of a daffodil and talked about how they grow. 
Despite the rain, we did do some of our learning outside this week. We had a great time on the bus, learning how many more passengers we needed to make 10. We built beanstalks from bricks and cogs.Some children enjoyed balancing on the beanstalk made of planks. 

Week 7


The Billy Goats Gruff


We have had a great time learning about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. In Literacy we have been learning to sequence the events of a story and put them on a story map. We retold our story using our story maps. We have had good fun using puppets to retell our story as well. 
In numeracy, we have been learning to order numbers and to spot the mistakes in the number sequence. We have used Numicon, bricks and blocks to order too. We spotted that the pattern increased by one each time.
On the craft table, we have made goats, trolls and a scene from the story complete with a 3D bridge. The children have also made pictures of goats by using their hand to print and adding on different features to create a picture of a goat.
Our funky fingers have been busy cutting out grass for goats and hair for trolls as well as trying to pick up ‘grass’ and place it neatly under a goat. 
Our investigations this week led us to build bridges from bricks and straws.  We had to test out the strength of our bridges using pebbles. 
During our time outside learning, we have been building all kinds of different bridges and testing them, then adding and modifying. It has been great to see the children really working in teams. The bulbs that we planted back in the Autumn have really grown and many have begun to flower. The awe and wonder that the children show when they discover another flower is great.

Week 6


The Gingerbread Man


This week we have been busy learning about the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have been learning to retell the story using a story map and our very best character voices. We have even learnt to read a recipe this week, which we then used to make our very own gingerbread men. The children were very pleased to take a tasty treat home to eat. We hope that they tasted delicious. 
In numeracy we have been continuing our work on number bonds. We practiced our number sentences using Numicon. We also learnt about pairs, children enjoyed being challenged to pair up socks for the gingerbread man.
We had great fun being investigators this week. We investigated what happened to the gingerbread man when he got wet. We have also investigated which materials are waterproof and therefore which would be best to make a waterproof suit for the gingerbread man to wear to swim across the river. 
Our funky fingers have been busy rolling, cutting and making gingerbread men. We had to add features to our work using small parts. We have also made gingerbread men using shapes and pegs. 
Over on our making table, we have made some excellent split pin gingerbread men. The children had opportunity to practice their scissor skills as they carefully cut out all of the parts needed. The children have produced some excellent careful paintings of gingerbread men over on the painting table. Children really thought about the different features that they needed to add to their pictures.

On Tuesday, the children learnt how to use a new programme on the iPad. It was lovely to see the sharing, turn taking and peer support amongst the children. This week, the children were also challenged to try an activity that they wouldn’t usually choose. A group of girls surprised themselves as to how much they enjoyed building with the construction toys.  Other children found that they enjoyed learning in the reading corner too. 
Outside learning has been as busy as ever. Children were really excited to see how tall our bulbs have become all of a sudden. They have made their own ‘mud gingerbread men’ and written recipes in the outside writing shed as well as designing different bridges and walk ways for the gingerbread man to cross the river and avoid the sly old fox.
Have a restful half term, we look forward to seeing you on Monday 21st February.

Week 5 


Chinese New Year


This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We have read a story called The Great Race in which we learned how each year is named after an animal. This year it is the Year  of the Tiger. In literacy the children chose one of the animals to write about. They were asked to say the reasons why they liked that animal, using the conjunction ‘because’.
On Friday, we had a debate. The question’ Are dragons real’ was posed. There were some excellent answers which showed a real deep and broad level of thinking. We thought that we had concluded that dragons were not real when Noah said. ‘ Yes dragons are real, I have a pet dragon’. We all then really enjoyed looking at pictures of Komodo dragons.


We have also learned about preparing for and celebrating Chinese New Year. We learned about the lucky colour red and some of the traditions that Chinese families practice when celebrating Chinese New Year.  In numeracy we talked about ordinal numbers and the order in which the animals came in the race. We have also investigated ways of making 7 and 8 by arranging spots on a domino and using Numicon.

In our independent learning challenges the children have had the opportunity to mix orange and paint a tiger. They have also painted Chinese numbers, made a medal, a Chinese lantern and a dragon.Our Funky fingers challenge was to make the dragons eat fire, the children really enjoyed making the dragons bite’. Children were given opportunity to retell the story using characters , they also were able to look at and discuss pictures of different things associated with Chinese New Year. One of the most popular challenges was raft making. The children had to make a raft like the animals in the story. They then went outside to test the raft with toy tigers.



Chinese New Year Fun 


We have had a great day today celebrating Chinese New Year.  We began by making a dragon mask using different kinds of paper ready to perform a dance later in the day.  After lunch we watched a short clip of a fantastic dragon dance being performed. We then went into the hall to perform our own dance complete with drums. Everyone had a turn under the dragon mask.  
To end our day we shared some delicious Chinese food , noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers.

Week 4


Bird Week 


We have had a really fun week learning about different birds. We spent time watching and listening to birds in our garden and the wider school grounds. We learnt how to draw a bird during our topic time. There are some very good artists amongst us.  In Literacy, we have been learning and writing different facts about robins. some children have labelled pictures of robins. Many children chose to write their own facts about birds during their independent learning time.
In Numeracy, we have been learning about number 6. We placed 6 counters on a 10 frame in different ways. We learned to combine two numbers to make 6. We practised this in different ways. Outside, we continued this learning by making large scale part part whole templates and using cones to practice our number bonds to 6
We challenged the children to make and paint their own robins. We even made some bird food for the birds to eat during the cold winter. It has been exciting checking to see if the birds have been eating the food every morning.

The children have really used their imagination outside this week, they have constructed a bird hide, a shoe rack and a donkey sanctuary to name some of the more unusual creations. 

The children enjoyed investigating different bird patterns and matching up the different pattern pieces. Finally we had good fun feeding ‘worms’ to birds. This activity was designed to help build strong fingers ready for writing.


Cricket Fun


On Thursday, the Foals enjoyed taking part in a fun cricket session with Martin Hill who plays cricket for Nottinghamshire. our day began by watching a short video which explained different aspects of cricket. 
Once outside, we started off playing some fun warm up games before splitting into teams and playing a game of cricket. The children all had a turn at batting and fielding. Everyone joined in with a  huge smile on their face and worked as a team. I definitely saw some future cricket stars amongst the Foals!


Week 3


The Three Little Pigs


We have had another busy week. Carrying on with our theme of traditional tales, we have been learning all about the Three Little Pigs. In Literacy we read the story and joined in with the repeated phrases, we tried to use voices that we felt matched the characters. We talked about the different characters and wrote what they said in speech bubbles. We used adjectives to describe the wolf and wrote ‘wanted’ posters independently. We then had a message that Mr Wolf was loose around the village so we decided to build a trap to catch him. The children designed their own traps, wrote lists for the materials that they needed, built them and tested the traps out. They found footprints that Mr Wolf had left. We searched our garden for clues to see if that would help. We finally caught Mr Wolf today by luring him into a trap with a fabulous mud and pig pie created by the children.


In maths we have continued to learn about subtraction. We have been taking one away using objects and pictures. We have been saying and recording subtraction number sentences. We continued this learning outside as well by playing skittles. We recorded our own scores.
We have also investigated and tested different materials to make houses for the pigs. We used straw, sticks and sugar bricks to see what made the best house. Over on the art table, we learned to mix pink to paint pigs. We made a wolf by rolling paper into a tube and adding our own eyes, ears and tail. We enjoyed making  pigs using circles and pegs. Some children have made their own play doh pigs too.

Week 2

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


We have been learning all about Goldilocks and Three Bears this week. In Literacy we have sequenced the events in the story and written about our favourite part of the story. We talked about the characters and the different voices that they use. There are some great budding actors in Our class! 
In maths we have focused on ‘one less’. We have used objects and our fingers to find ‘one less’. We have also used the number line to help us find ‘one less’ and talked about the fact that we are counting backwards. 
The children were asked to paint their favourite characters from the story. We had some fierce bears and gorgeous Goldilocks paintings.
We have also been investigating our fingerprints, making Goldilocks and bear headbands and painting characters from the story. We created the story setting and then used it to draw a map. Many of the children chose to continue this learning in their own time and have created some fantastic maps together.

Outside, we played a maths game which focused on one less. The children enjoyed showing their friends how to play. We also challenged the children to design and build a chair for the three bears. The children were able to try out and then adapt their designs to include different features. 
The children had great fun in the mud kitchen. They took on different roles and acted out the story of Goldilocks.

Week 1

Arctic Animals



Happy New Year to you all!  It was lovely to see all of the children smiling and eager to come back to school. Everyone has returned to school settled and ready to learn.

This week we have been learning all about the Arctic. We have looked at the landscape and discussed the similarities and differences with Calverton. We have learnt about explorers, Arctic animals and the Inuit people. We have done some guided reading. This involved reading some sentences in order to dress a friend as an Arctic explorer. 
We have also been Super Scientists and investigated ice. We learnt that water is a liquid and that ice is a solid. We also learnt that water freezes into ice which can then melt back into water. This is called a ‘reversible change’. We even made some ice decorations to hang from the trees outside. They looked beautiful sparkling in the cold.
In maths we have been investigating different ways of arranging five cubes. We have also been recalling number bonds to five. We played a great subtilising game outside which involved lots of running around.

I was so pleased that so many of the children responded to my challenge of reading two pages of their book everyday.  Fantastic- keep it up foals. 

Week 7



We have come to the end of another busy week. The children have continued  learning about Christmas. The children have been busy exploring with Christmas playdough. They were challenged to exercise  their fine motor skills by pressing  cloves into dough. We also had ‘snow’ that the children could create pictures in. Over on our making table, we have made snowmen, elves and reindeers. In literacy the children have learnt to write an insert to a card. This involved practicing the tricky  words ’to’ and  ‘and’. The children were also encouraged to write about Christmas. In Numeracy children had to use counters and Numicon to make Christmas themed pictures and patterns. On Monday we had the excitement of our surprise message and a special delivery from Santa Claus. This was followed the next day by a wonderful message from Comet the reindeer. 
On Wednesday we all enjoyed learning about and making beautiful christingles. Today was party day. We enjoyed playing party games and dancing before sharing some Christmas juice and biscuits. Our day ended with a celebration assembly.

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year. Enjoy the time spent with your families. We will see you all in the new year. 


The Nativity Story


This week we have been learning about the Nativity Story. In literacy, the children heard the story been told, then they had the opportunity to write about different parts of the story. We tolerant about the long journey that Mary and Joseph made into Bethlehem. We compared it to long journeys that the children have made and then thought of different adjectives to describe a long journey. 
In numeracy we have continued our learning around the number five. The children also had the opportunity to solve some picture puzzles using Numicon.

Some children chose to re tell their own version of the Nativity story using puppets.  Other children have enjoyed looking closely at some sprays of Holly. They had a go at mixing their own green paint and painting some super pictures of Holly. A lot of children accepted my challenge of building a Nativity scene using different construction materials. It was lovely to hear the different discussions between the children as they decided how to design their buildings.

The making tables have been busy as ever, we have created our own split pin angels and snowmen as well as making Nativity scenes using paper dolls.
Thursday was a busy day. The children were very excited to perform in our Christmas Show which was watched by many of our families.

A busy week has ended with everyone joining in a lively Christmas sing song which we have posted on Tapestry for you to enjoy, this was followed by all the children sitting down together to enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch. The children looked fantastic in their brightly coloured Christmas jumpers.

Nativity Show

Today was the day that we have been practicing for for the last few weeks - our first nativity show.  The children have worked incredibly hard to learn all of the new songs and actions. Everyone was very excited this morning as they put on their costumes ready to perform. We had a few nerves on the way but as we walked into the hall to see our audience waiting lots of smiles broke out. Everyone sang and performed their very best.


We were so proud of everyone for the fantastic singing and smiles. Christmas has arrived. 
well done Foals. You are amazing.

week 11


st Andrew’s Day


Wow! What a busy week we have had. It all started with a very cold and wintery day on Monday. We had a great time in the snow. We made patterns and trails, snowmen and sand castles. We even held an impromptu experiment when we found some ice and watched it melt throughout the day. 
Back inside we learnt about Scotland and St Andrews day, which was on Tuesday. We made flags and mixed purple to paint thistles. We learnt lots of different facts about Scotland and sampled some shortbread biscuits. We even discussed whether we thought the Loch Ness monster was real or not. 
We have investigated ways of making five using two numbers during maths. We recorded the addition number sentences and checked to see if we had found all possibilities.


Pantomime Fun


We all enjoyed a fantastic performance of Aladdin on Thursday. There was lots of audience participation from our children who really enjoyed helping Aladdin persuade Princess Jasmine to marry him. There was lots of booing when the ‘baddies’ came out. The children enjoyed singing along to the songs that the performers sang. 

Pantomime pictures

Brackenhurst Visit


We had the most fantastic time at Brackenhurst on Friday . The children were absolute superstars. They showed all of our school values throughout the day. We were so proud of all of them. We began our day walking to Bethlehem. We had to answer some questions about the Christmas story. This lead us to a barn where the children were able to dress up as characters from the story. They then took part in acting out the story. After lunch we enjoyed making some Christmas themed crafts and shared a story together before making our way back to school. I have been told by many of the children that the best part of the day was the coach journey. 

Week 10

Our Families 



This week we have been learning about families. We began by reading a non fiction book about different kinds of families. The children have really enjoyed talking about their own families with their friends. 
The children have been busy painting pictures of different family members. We have created our families using paper dolls. Some children chose to make puppets and put on a show about their family. 
We practised our fine motor skills by rescuing families of bears from the bear cave. We then had to sort them into the correct family. 
Finally, in Numeracy, we have been learning about number four. We learnt number bonds to four using Numicon. We also learnt about shapes with four sides. The children have been challenged to find shapes with four sides in the environment, perhaps when you are out and about this weekend, you can encourage your child to look for shapes with four sides in the environment. It may be a window or a wall or you may spot a more unusual four sided shape. 

The children have continued to enjoy learning outside this week as well. They tried to complete an obstacle course with a friend. They spent time in the outdoor writing shed drawing pictures of their families and talking about the sorts of things that they enjoy doing with their families. 

Week 9      

One Kind Word and Paddington Bear



As another busy week comes to a close. We have been learning about Paddington Bear. We read the story  along with the children in KS1. As part of our learning we have explored the characters, Paddington and the Brown family, and wrote a character profile together. We also practised our reading skills by labelling Paddington and finding the missing words to sentences.

In numeracy, we have been investigating ways of making three. We used Numicon, ladybirds and double sided counters as part of our investigations. Outside we had to find pairs of ladybirds whose spots added up to 3. We also made shapes with three sides using the wooden planks.

The children had great fun creating ramps using drain pipes. They were challenged to make the balls land in a small bowl.

Back inside, we have been painting fantastic pictures of Paddington Bear. We also made split pin bears.

Alongside all this learning, it has been National Anti Bullying week. The theme was 'One kind word'. We have been talking about how we should behave towards each other and practising what would be the right words to say in different scenarios. Our week was brought to a close with a whole school game led by Miss Hanson on the playground to remind us of all the things that we had been learning about this week.

Week 8

Remembrance Week


This week in Literacy we have been learning about Remembrance Day. We have heard poems and listened to stories which talked about the meaning of Remembrance Day. On Thursday we joined in with two minutes silence. 

We have learnt to name the different parts of a poppy. We wrote sentences about poppies and we have been making and painting pictures of poppies. Some children built poppies from Lego and we even built a giant poppy outside made from ‘octo’s’.

In Numeracy, we have been comparing numbers and looking to see which number was more and which was less. We played a lot of games outside to help us learn.

The children have had great fun building and designing their own obstacle courses. The then challenged their friends to go around them.  

As ever our mud kitchen has been busy with the children making lots of delicious creations, pies, pizzas and cakes.

Back inside the children have been practicing their fine motor skills by using tweezers to place counters on the poppies.

As you are out and about this weekend, I hope that you get opportunity to go and see the memorial in Calverton. The children can tell you all that they have learnt about poppies.

Autumn 2

Week 7


We have had a busy fun first week back. The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Hindu Festival of Diwali and Bonfire night.We created our own using chalk outside and a whole range of materials from Numicon to paint and beads.  We have learned about Rangoli patterns. We made and wrote our own Diwali cards . Our highlight of the week however has been making and launching our own rockets.
In Number work this week, we have been learning to represent numbers 1, 2 and 3 In different ways. Perhaps you could read stories at home which have three characters in  such as ‘The Three Little Pigs’.  Encourage your child to draw pictures of 1, 2 or 3 characters. 
It was great to see that so many children had been practicing putting on their own coats over half term. The next challenge is to learn how to fasten them!
Have a restful weekend. We hope you get to see some fireworks.


Autumn term A

Week 6


As we come to the end of our first half term, we would like to say how proud we are of all of the children.  They have all worked incredibly hard and settled into school life well.


Our last week has been as busy as ever. We came into school on Monday to discover that we had been given a bag of vegetables and a soup recipe along with a special note from Miss Hanson inviting us to use the vegetables to make some soup. We had a great time reading the recipe together then chopping the vegetables and making the soup. We all sat down together on Wednesday afternoon and shared our soup. We thought that it tasted delicious.

I hope that you will find time to have a go at making some soup yourselves over the holidays.  A perfect activity for a rainy day .


We have been learning about patterns this week in Maths. the children have enjoyed building their own patterns. They have used bricks, Lego, Numicon and cubes to name a few items. Some people designed their own patterns for their friends to make whilst other children got creative outside and made. Patterns from tyres and planks of wood. I would love to see the children carrying on with their pattern work over the holidays. Please post your pictures on tapestry. 

Finally over the holidays, enjoy the rest, perhaps share lots of books and games. We would be grateful if you were able to encourage your child to put on and zip up their own coat. Go outside as much as possible and encourage the children to climb, swing and explore. I look forward to hearing all about everyone’s adventures when we are back in school.


Week 5



We have had another busy week.  The focus for our learning was Harvest. In literacy we have been reading the story of ‘ The Little Red Hen’  and learned to read the tricky words the and to as well as learning to write ‘the’ . In numeracy, we have continued to learn to compare size. We built long and short roads using long and short planks. We also learnt about weight and were introduced to the vocabulary ‘heavy’ and ‘light’. We had great fun trying to make the scales balance outside.

In our topic work we learnt how the farmers gather in the crops ready for the winter. The highlight of our week was on Thursday when we had our own harvest festival. You can see highlights of our performance on Tapestry and the website. 

Please try to send in a picture of your child reading in an unusual place. It would be brilliant to have lots of foals taking part. 
Thank you for your continuing support of all that we do. 


Week 4



This week we have been learning about scarecrows. We learnt to sing and sign the song Dingle Dangle Scarecrow as well as singing other songs about harvest time. In literacy we have been learning about labels. We wrote our own labels for our scarecrows. We had great fun making  and decorating  our own split pin scarecrows. Autumn fun continued in Numeracy when the children were challenged to find the container that held the most and fewest conkers. We learnt to use the vocabulary more, most, few, fewest. 
We have made our own pictures of Autumn trees by carefully tearing paper to make a tree and then we added finger print leaves in Autumn colours.  
Everyone is trying really hard to write their own names every morning. I am really proud of you all. 

Week 3



This week we have been learning all about Autumn. We read the story ' The Lost Acorns' by Nick Butterworth.

In literacy we have learnt about the characters in the story, Percy, squirrel and Mole. We also learn about speech bubbles and have been writing some of our own. We enjoyed learning the poem 'Whisky Frisky' . We had fun guessing the woodland animal that the poem was referring too.

In Maths we have been learning to compare amounts. We learnt the new vocabulary of more, most, few and fewest. 

We have been finding out about the different things that happen in the Autumn. We went for a walk around the school grounds to see if we could spot some of the things that we had learnt about.

Have a super weekend. Keep on looking for signs of Autumn. If anyone spots any conkers and is able to gather some, we would love to use them for our work on measuring next week.  



Week 2

Our busy bodies!


This week we have been learning about our bodies and how to keep ourselves healthy. We had a visit from Harold the Giraffe to help us with our learning. We used a hole punch and split pins to create a person. We have also been writing ‘I am’ followed by our names. In maths we have been using our observational and thinking skills to sort objects such as shapes and compare bears using different criteria.

Week 1

Getting to know you 


This week we have been getting to know each other, making new friends and exploring our environment. We have been learning each other’s names during circle times and playing a name game by swapping places when using the parachute. We have focused on saying and reading the words ‘I am…’. In maths we have been matching by making careful observations of objects such as buttons and socks. We have also painted a self portrait.


Summer Term A

This term our theme is ‘Houses and Homes’.



Week 6

Homes in the past

This week we have been looking at homes from the past. The children have written facts about Victorian homes. They especially liked the fact that the toilet was outside! They enjoyed looking at artefacts and guessing what they would have been used for and they have learned to use an exclamation mark in their writing.
In Maths we have been looking at number stories and learning to count on to solve the number sentence. 

Week 5

Handa’s Surprise! 
The children really enjoyed learning about African homes last week so this week we have continued to learn about Africa. We have listened to the story of Handa’s Surprise and in Literacy we talked about the order of events, identified adjectives and questions used in the text. We have written about the story and looked at different types of fruit such as mangos and avocado pears. We have also been learning about different animal patterns. In maths we have looked at numbers beyond ten. We talked about the ‘teens’ numbers being one full ten and … We have also been using the 100 square to count and identify numbers. We focused on counting in tens and talked about the pattern we could see in the numbers. We used our knowledge of counting in tens to group objects and find out how many altogether. 

Week 4

African homes

This week we have been looking at homes in Africa. The children have written sentences about the climate in Africa, African landmarks, animals and houses. We have also looked at why Africa is so hot and how the sun shines on the earth to make day and night time. The children have been very interested learning about life in Africa and comparing it to their own lives in Calverton.

In Maths we have been finding different ways to make 10 by using the 10 Numicon as a jigsaw and placing smaller pieces on top, then counting how many holes are not covered and by counting on along a number line.

Outside, the children have used their observation skills to pint pictures of our beautiful tulips. 

Week 3

Where else does the Queen live?

This week we did some learning at home and at school. We learned about some other royal residences; Windsor Castle, Balmoral and Sandringham. We did some research and wrote some facts. In maths we looked at pairs of numbers that made seven and eight and solved problems to find missing numbers by counting on. We have also been keeping a close eye on our sunflowers that have started to grow.

Week 2 Buckingham Palace

This week we have been learning about London and it’s landmarks and learning facts about Buckingham Palace. The children enjoyed making Big Ben and the London Eye with the bricks outside. In Literacy the children wrote facts about the palace. Our favourite was that it has 775 rooms! In maths The children solved problems by arranging different dot patterns to make totals of 4, 5 and 6. We made shiny tiles from pressed leaves and tinfoil and also painted portraits of the Queen. The Bike Ability people visited and we all developed our skills on balance bikes. 

Week 1 All about my house

This week we started our topic about houses and homes and have begun by learning all about our own houses. We looked at pictures of our houses and discussed the different types of house we live in and whether they were detached, semi-detached, bungalows, flats or terraced. In Literacy we have written about our own houses and in Maths we have looked at the way houses are numbered on the street and recognised whether the number is odd or even. We grouped houses in pairs and used the Numicon to help us. We have had a go at building houses outside with the den building materials and have turned the writing area into an estate agents. We have also planted sunflower seeds and celebrated St George’s day.


Spring Term B

We began this half term by continuing to do some great learning both in school and at home. Then we have all enjoyed being back at school with our friends!


This week we have bean learning all about the Easter story. The children have written Easter messages for their Easter cards and we have looked for signs of spring in our area. We have made chocolate Easter nests and looked at the chocolate as it melted. We have  had an Easter bonnet parade. We also had an Easter egg hunt!
In maths we have been looking at more than ten and less than ten with a group of objects and looking at pairs of numbers that make 9 and 10.

Captain Sir Tom Moore

This week we have been learning all about Captain Sir Tom Moore. We wrote facts about him for literacy. We liked him taking his motorbike into school and hiding it in the playground. He also had a dog called Billy and liked to bake and go on adventures. We talked about his adventures and drew where we would choose to go on an adventure. We even used our observational skills to draw pencil pictures of him. We looked at the 100 square to compare our ages. 100 for Captain Sir Tom and 4 or 5 for us. We found out about Florence Nightingale and how she changed hospitals during the war. She was known as the ‘lady of the lamp’ so we had a go at making our own. 
We were super scientists and made rainbows by using felt tip pens on rainbow shaped kitchen towels by dipping them in water and watching the colour ‘bleed’ into the towel.

In Maths we explored different ways of making six and wrote the corresponding addition number sentences.

The Colour Monster continued.......

This week we have continued learning using the colour monster book. We created our own page for the book focusing on the feeling of worry. We voted for the colour brown to represent the feeling of worry. We mixed red and green paint to make brown to paint our colour monsters. We have been Super Scientists by making some cabbage water which was blue and changed it to pink by adding vinegar and then purple by adding bicarbonate of soda. We then added a big spoonful and it exploded!
We also learnt all about St Patrick's Day and celebrated by making flags, hats and leprechauns. It was also Comic Relief and we dressed up as Disney characters.

In maths this week we have been sequencing daily events as well as looking at two dimensional shapes. We found lots in our environment.

What a busy week!


The Colour Monster

We welcomed back all our friends to school this week. We have settled back into the school routine amazingly well so we have all been chosen for 'Star of The Week'.

This week we have started to read the book 'The Colour Monster' and focused on the feeling of being happy and the colour yellow.  We have talked and written about what makes us happy. We looked at and discussed sunflowers and Vincent Van Gogh's painting of sunflowers. Then we used pastels to draw our own sunflower independently!

We have mixed different shades of yellow to paint our own colour monster, used our observational skills to look at yellow fruit and vegetables and made models of the colour monster using yellow play dough. In maths we have been naming and talking about the properties of 3D shapes and creating repeating patterns.

What a great week back at school. Well done Foals!

World Book Day

The First Christmas 

Here is the Foals and Cubs Christmas performance. They have done amazingly well. We hope you enjoy it!
We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.


Still image for this video

Clip, clop

Still image for this video

Knock, knock

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Following the star

Still image for this video

Away in a manger

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Jesus is born!

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Diwali activities

A harvest song.

Still image for this video

In the cafe

In the shop

Playing with the small world.

Foal's children from 2019-2020


We like to sit on the pumpkin to read.

Harvest Festival at the Methodist Church.

Lunchtime on our first day at school.

Using the outside area on our first day!