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Week Beginning 4th January 2021

We can see that you have already been busy with your learning at home. Look at the amazing work below. Which Manor Park values can you see being demonstrated here? High expectations, concentration and being ready to learn are all clearly seen. 

Welcome to Koala's Class!


Hello and welcome to the Koala's class page.
Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks teach the koala children. 

We are really excited for all our learning this year as we have lots of fun things planned!


Our P.E day is Thursday.


We change books each Tuesday and Friday.

23rd December- reply from Santa

We just received our reply from Santa. Have you got yours yet? 

Super heroes


In January, we will begin a new topic: super heroes. We will find out what a super hero is and learn about some real life super heroes from the past and from today. We will find out about Florence Nightingale and all the work she did that shaped hospitals, care and the NHS. We will find out about super heroes of today such as fire fighters, doctors and nurses. We will think about who in our family is a superhero and why. 

Christmas Party


We enjoyed our Christmas party games. We played four corners, musical statues, pass the koala and sleeping lions. 

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Still image for this video
Enjoy your 7th birthday on 31st December.

Stars of the week

A big congratulations to our two stars this week, Aydn and Amelia-Lily.

It was a pleasure to hand out both certificates. Both children were surprised they had earnt star if the week but also very proud and grateful.


Aydn, we hope you know what a kind boy you are. We see your kind, caring personality shine through every day at school. Your friends appreciate this too. We also love greeting you in the mornings because it cheers us up to see you Cheshire Cat grin! Well done for persevering with some tricky Maths this week where you had to add totals using pounds and pence.


Amelia-Lily, we have enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months. You always smile and do well with all your learning tasks. It’s good to have such a positive outlook and I hope you keep this as you grow older. Well done for writing an amazing Edgar the dragon story this week. What beautiful handwriting you have!

Edgar the Dragon 


This week in English, we have watched a short Christmas film about a dragon called Edgar. We found this very amusing and felt a bit sorry for Edgar. We are now planning and writing our own Edgar Christmas stories. 

Edgar the Dragon story plans

Concentrating on our Edgar stories

Presents from Santa


We were very excited this afternoon as we had a virtual call from Santa. Santa said he was busy exercising his reindeers and wrapping presents. He told us to look outside our classroom door as he’d left a surprise. Guess what it was?...

...He had left a sack of presents. Here we all are with our presents. 

Koalas are super scientists


We have made a brilliant start to our science day. We asked the following questions:

What does a scientist do?

What’s cool about being a scientist?

We initially thought scientists wore goggles, lab coats and mixed potions. We found out the actually scientists have many roles including engineering, biology, biochemistry, physics and health care. 


Would you like to be a scientist when you are an adult? Why? 

What does a scientist do?

What does ice look like?


We asked the question, what does ice look like? We answered the question by using our observation skills to look at ice cubes. This is what we observed:


I can see air bubbles (Jude).

It is beginning to melt (Henry).

There is a line down the centre (Kyran).

It feels wet and slippery like a worm (Charlie). 
The ice is transparent (Alfie). 

Observing the ice

Our big question


After observing the ice, we thought of new questions we would like to investigate. As a class, we chose the following question as our main investigation:


On which material will the ice melt the fastest? Will it be on paper, metal or plastic? 

We look forward to sharing our results and conclusions. 

Our Hypothesis


We hypothesise that the ice cube will melt the fastest on the paper because the paper isn’t as strong as the plastic or metal. We think the ice will melt more quickly on the paper then seep through. 

Our ice investigation

Actors and Actresses on their stage

Stars of the week


This week, Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks have chosen all the koalas for their brilliant Nativity performance. We were pleased with how they worked together as a team to make their scenes. They spoke clearly and confidently and sang and signed the songs well. Some children, who were worried about speaking out or are normally shy, surprised themselves by just how well they did. I hope you all enjoy watching the show just as much as we enjoyed performing it. We all had a Santa’s little helper ginger biscuit as a treat for doing so well. 



This week, we have looked at the value of coins and notes and we’ve then been making totals using pounds and pence. Here are the koalas concentrating on their money work. Well done if you got a wristband today for concentrating, persevering and being ready to learn.  

Making Totals

Still image for this video

Shining Cricket Stars


It was our last cricket session this week. I’m sure Freddie Flintoff would be impressed with our throwing, catching and batting skills and how accurate we were. Thank you to our cricket teacher. We had fun whilst we were learning lots of new skills. 
Can you tell your grown up how many different types of throw we learnt? When we throw over arm, how do we aim accurately? Where do our finger and eyes point? As we step forwards, where do our feet point? Which part of the stunt do we aim for? 

Over arm throw

Still image for this video

Over arm throw

Still image for this video

Our Manor Park stars this week are Alexus-Rose and Nancy.


Alexus-Rose, it is our pleasure to know and teach you. You are considerate and always willing to lend a helping hand to your koala friends, You have displayed high expectations in all your learning this week. We are especially pleased with your Maths work, where you challenged yourself to tackle some gold tasks involving making totals with coins and notes. 

Nancy, your family should be so proud of what a kind girl you are. You put others before yourself and look after all your koala friends. You have displayed our concentration value this week, when writing your letter to Santa. Beautiful, cursive letter formation, correct use of punctuation and your spelling really impressed me and Mrs Brooks. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It is the month of advent and we have begun preparing for Christmas. We have made Christmas cards, baubles for our tree and have written letters to Santa. Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on all the lovely seasonal things we are doing. Your child will bring all the amazing things they have made home at the end of term. 

Christmas cards

Look at our lovely learners concentrating on their letters to Santa. We are impressed with the quality of writing and I’m sure Santa will be too. 

Our finished letters

I am sure you will agree on the high quality of the children’s writing. I can see examples of neat, cursive letter formation, well punctuated sentences and great vocabulary. We shall post our letters on Friday afternoon and I shall add some photos to the website. Many thanks to all those families who sent in an envelope with a stamp. You should all receive a reply from Santa before Christmas Day. 

Letter update: Your letters were posted on Friday 4th December so keep a look out for your reply. We’d love to see your replies when you get one. 

Make a wish...

We have been decorating baubles to hang on our Christmas tree. As we hung them up, we each made a wish. What is your wish for 2021? How will you achieve your hopes and dreams? 

Lights, Camera, action...nativity rehearsals 2020.

Still image for this video
Nativity rehearsal in full swing!
We have filmed our nativity and it will be on our website by Friday. Here are the children looking amazing in their costumes. 



We are busy being creative this afternoon. We have begun doing a piece of art to make into a calendar. The finished pieces are nowhere near ready but here is a little look at the start of the process. We hope you like the finished product when you receive it. 

Nativity Story


In English this week we have been busy reading and re writing the Nativity story. Can you tell your grown up why this is a special story for Christians? What happened on the very first Christmas? Here are some of our story maps and nativity stories. Again, more great writing by all the koalas. So many great writing features seen such as neat letter formation, commas, full stops and exclamation marks. It was a pleasure to teach these lessons. 

Our story maps

Olivia reading the start of the story

Still image for this video

Pantomime and Christmas Jumpers


The children all looked fabulous today in their Christmas outfits and they enjoyed watching Cinderella and having a milkshake and Christmas cookie. A lovely treat to finish a busy week. 

Christmas Dinner


Today we enjoyed our Christmas school dinner. We have a tree in our classroom and listened to Christmas music. What a delicious lunch we had!

Eating our lunch

PE warm up

Still image for this video
Another fun game of volcanoes and craters. Who are the winners this time?

Perfecting our batting skills

Stars of the week


This week, we are saying a huge congratulations to Sophia and Ella. They are our two shining stars. 

Sophia, you have worked so hard to improve your writing. I can see fingers spaces, capital letters and full stops. Your letter formation is neat and clear. You have used high level adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe a castle. Your poem was outstanding! Also, you are delightful to be around and to teach. You are so kind, caring and helpful. You are a very valued member of our Koala team- thank you!


Ella- what can I say? You are such an asset to our class. You are so thoughtful, considerate and kind to all our Manor Park friends. You are a perfect role model and always, always follow our golden rules. You tackle all your work with enthusiasm and a smile, even when you find you are being challenged. It is our pleasure to know and teach you. 

Well done both girls. 

Concentrating on our golden writing

Still image for this video

It is so quiet in our classroom. You could hear a pin drop! Busy doing our golden writing. This week, we are writing poems that describe castles. I’ll add some of the finished pieces later today. 

Some of our finished poems

Marvellous Maths


The year 2 children have begun finding out about money, how to recognise coins, make totals and give change. We made a brilliant start this morning and I have attached some photos of the children’s work for you to see. 

Money: Recognising and comparing the value of coins

Virtual Nativity


We are already busy practising for our Christmas Natvity. We will film our Nativity and put it online on Monday 7th December. I hope you are looking forward to watching our performance.

Quick Cricket


Today, we practised our batting skills. Look how accurate we are! Can you tell your grown up how to hold a cricket bat? How many hands do we hold the bat with? Where does each hand go? Which side of the bat touches the ball? How should you stand?

Controlling the ball

Practising holding the cricket bat

Still image for this video

Old Trafford here we come!

Still image for this video

Warm up: The yes/no game

Still image for this video

Well done to Alfie, Olivia and Declan for earning their handwriting pen for their correctly formed, cursive and joined script. 

Stars of the Week


Can you guess who our 2 stars are this week? I’ll give you some clues! Both our stars have done an amazing job of their golden writing. They have both made huge improvements to their writing. They have sounded out, formed their letters correctly and used amazing adjectives, similes and metaphors. Is this you? 
I’ll let you know on Friday. 


Still image for this video

Super Stars


Did you guess correctly? Yes it’s Kyran and Lucy Louise for their golden writing. Equally brilliant and great improvements seen by both. 

Kyran, you are so kind, warm hearted and such a delightful boy. We love teaching you. Keep up your super efforts.


Lucy Louise, I am so pleased to have you in our class. You always make good learning choices and are a role model for all. What a gem you are! 

Well done to both children. We are so proud of you. 

Dick King Smith

Next week, we are starting a new author focus. We will read books by Dick King Smith. Our first book will be The Sheep Pig. Have a look at the front cover. Can you predict what the story might be about? Who are the main characters? 

Have a look at the website below. What can you find out about the author? What other books has Dick King Smith written? Where did he get his ideas for his stories? 

The Small Knight

This week, in English, we watched a short animation about a knight who found a map that would lead him to a golden sword. We have each written a story about the knights adventures using adjectives, similes and metaphors. The children enjoyed sharing their completed stories with each other. I hope you enjoy listening to our stories. 

A small Knight's Tale



Some more photos from our cricket lesson. More great bowling and throwing skills demonstrated by all the children. What a multi talented class we have!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

The Hen Who Wouldn’t Give Up


We have written book reviews of The Hen Who Wouldn’t Give up by Jill Tomlinson. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why?

I like this book because Hilda made me laugh. She laid an egg in Mrs Biddick’s slipper. What a mess she made! (Oliver).


I like Hilda the hen. She was broody. (Adyn).


I like the main character in the story. Hilda made me laugh. Do you know, if you read this story you might laugh out loud? (Olivia).


It was funny when Hilda had a ride on the fire truck. She nearly got cooked. (Ronny). 


Happy Birthday!

A big happy 6th Birthday to Charlie and Alfie. Thank you for sharing sweets and we hope you enjoy your celebrations. 

Stars of the week 


Congratulations to Ellis and Thea, our stars this week.


We have chosen Ellis as he is so delightful, kind, helpful and a credit to his parents and Manor Park. We love teaching him. Ellis was surprised we had chosen him but we’re not sure why. This is well deserved!


We have chosen Thea as she is constantly pushing and challenging herself onto next steps in all areas of learning. She is determined, perseveres and we see great results. Again, she is a credit to her family and school. 

Quick Cricket

This week in cricket we have been learning to bowl underarm. Look how skilful and accurate we are!

We had to start with a straight arm by our ear. We had to aim for the batters feet. This would then make the ball bounce to the stump so we could score a wicket and celebrate. 


Still image for this video

Warming up for cricket

Still image for this video

Stars of the Week


A huge well done to our stars this week. Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks have chosen:


Lucy: Lucy is a credit to the koala class and her family. She is kind, helpful and always looking out for others. She loves coming to school and puts her all into all her learning. She has worked especially hard on her writing this week and produced a fantastic newspaper report about the Battle of Hastings.


Olivia: Olivia is a fantastic role model who remembers and follows our Manor Park values at all times. She is grown up, sensible and settles to her tasks quickly. I am delighted with her joined up handwriting and her news report about the Battle of Hastings was a pleasure to read.


Well done both girls!

Cricketers in the making


What a fabulous and sporty class we have!


Today we enjoyed our first of 6 sessions of cricket. We played a game of volcanoes and craters to warm up then we practised good catching skills. We all listened well, concentrated and improved our catching skills. More importantly, we had lots of fun whilst we learnt. 

Do you know we had to pretend to be a hoover and suck the beanbag to our chest?

We also had to be Pinocchio and throw our beanbag over our nose!

Sporting superstars

A game of volcanoes and craters

Still image for this video

Practising our catching skills

Still image for this video

From one hand to another

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We hope you are having a wonderful half term break. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. We have lots of exciting learning planned for you. 

We will do an additional ‘biscuit Friday’ on Tuesday for all of you who have read 3 times each week over half term (6 times altogether). 

Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks. 

Happy Half Term Break


Just a little note to say we hope you have a restful, enjoyable and safe half term break. We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 3rd November for lots more exciting learning.


Take care, Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks. 

Happy Birthday

We would like to wish Theo and Jude a very happy birthday for the holidays. Enjoy your celebrations. 

Stars of the week


We would like to say a big well done to Theo and Harper for being stars of the week this week. 

Theo, you are an absolute delight to teach. You remember our Manor Park values at all times and set very high expectations for yourself for all your learning. You have worked so hard on improving your writing and have used finger spaces correctly all week.


Harper, we are so pleased with the efforts you have put into your reading and writing. You are an avid reader and this is evident in all the amazing ideas you have for your writing. Your imagination and vocabulary are excellent. You have used amazing adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe a castle setting. 

Well done to you both. 


We have a wonderful time at playtimes, remembering our values of kindness and respect. All the koalas are so kind and caring towards each other. We are very proud of them all. We take out sports equipment such as footballs and hoops and we have a piece of healthy fruit each day. 

Harvest Time

We have been busy thinking about Harvest time and all the things we are thankful for. These are some of the things the children said they are thankful for.


Thank you for my family (Alexus Rose).

Thank you for all our lovely food (Olivia).

Thank you for having healthy food to eat (Ronny).

Thank you for fresh fruits and vegetables (Isla).

Thank you for the sun and rain to grow food (Tallulah).

Thank you for our healthy bodies (Kyran).

Thank you for the farmers who grow our food (Harper).

Thank you for my friends (Thea).


What lovely ideas! Well done, Koalas. 

Harvest Time Poem

Still image for this video
We have learnt a poem in celebration of Harvest time.

Stars of the Week


This week, our stars are:


Nancy for persevering with her handwriting and ensuring she always does her best cursive handwriting. She is also exceptionally kind and considerate. 


Alfie for always being the best he can be! He loves to be given a challenge, especially when he’s doing Maths and always ensures his work is well presented and accurate. He also smiles through all his learning. What a brilliant attitude to his learning. 

We are so proud of you both. 

Smiling superstars

Reading Stars


Well done all the children who have been busy reading at home. The children have begun moving along our reading stars. Certificates are given out when the children have read 25, 50, 75 and 100 times. Who will get to 25 first? We change books each Tuesday and Friday so please send in your child’s reading diary and reading book. Happy reading and thank you for your continued support. 

Concentrating Koalas

Look at all these super learners from the koala class. They have shown our Manor Park value of concentrating. It was so quiet and the children were so focused. We’re so proud of them all!

The Battle of Hastings 


In English, we have worked hard to describe a setting using adjectives, similes and metaphors. We described the battlefield, soldiers, noises and sea. We enjoyed reading our descriptions to each other. 

Listen to these super readers

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

stars of the week 


This week, Miss Revy and Mrs Brooks have chosen:


Tallulah for being a delight to teach, always having very high expectations of herself and her learning and being kind and caring. It is a pleasure to know you, Tallulah.


Declan for excellent problem solving skills in Maths. You enjoy all aspects of maths and always challenge yourself with success. You do persevere when faced with a challenge. You are a joy to teach. 

Well done to you both! 

Our super learners

Dungeons and Dragons


We have been busy learning about dungeons and dragons. Today we have been amazing artists. We sketched a dragon, thinking carefully about shapes, sizes and colour. Do you like our creations?

Our work in progress



Have you heard the terrible news?


A vicious, fire breathing dragon has been spotted swooping dangerously over Calverton.


We have created WANTED posters to help catch the pesky creature.


We used super adjective, similes and metaphors. 

Koala's children from 2019-2020


Spring 1

William Shakespeare

On Friday 24th January the children participated in a William Shakespeare Workshop. The children learnt about William Shakespeare and his play Henry 5th. They re-enacted the play using props and showed their understanding through freeze framing.

Autumn 2

Great Fire of London Workshop by Partake Theatre Company. 

On the 16th October 2019 the Partake Theatre company came to Manor Park and did a Great Fire of London Workshop. The children real enjoyed learning more about the Great Fire. The children dressed up in authentic clothing and learnt about how the people escaped the Great Fire on boats across the River Thames.