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Welcome to Koala's Class!


Hello and welcome to the Koala's class page. Miss James is the class teacher with support from Mrs Thompson the teaching assistant. We are really excited for this year as we have lots of fun things planned! 



Our P.E day is Thursday and our swimming day is Wednesday. Please send and leave PE kits in school and we will return them to be washed at the end of the half term.


Reading Books

Please send book bags into school every day to be checked. On Tuesdays and Fridays staff will change the children's books for them.



Homework is sent home on Fridays. This is a list of spellings and a piece of Maths, both linked to learning in the week. Please return all homework by the following Friday. We have a spelling test each Friday so please support your children to learn there spellings each week.

Week Commencing 13.05.24


This week we have started reading a new book called 'Dear Earth', where a girl called Tessa is inspired by her Grandad's exploring adventures and decides to write a letter to the earth. We have been learning about different ecosystems and that wonderful animals that live there. We have been using expanded noun phrases and commas in our descriptive writing. In Science we have learnt how plants have adapted to their habitats, such as cacti having thick stems to store water. We have started our final portraits in Art of Robert Falcon Scott. We began by sketching his face and body and we will mix our colours and paint to finish. In Maths we have began to learn about time using o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.


Our Stars of the Week are:

Harper and Noah for their super creativity in all their work. 


Well done! laugh



Football skills with The Stags

Week Commencing 06.05.24


This week we have continued to learn more about penguins and create our penguin books, which we are very proud of! We wrote about where penguins live, penguin chicks and our favourite facts. In Science we have explored why animals are adapted for the habitats they live in, such as polar bears have two layers of thick fur to keep them warm. In History we looked at the motives Robert Falcon Scott had in wanting to travel to Antarctica. We have continued to explore fractions in Maths, including finding thirds and three quarters. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Ellis and Charlie for always being so kind to their friends and teachers. 


Well done! laugh

Discussing the motives of Robert Falcon Scott for travelling to Antarctica and mixing secondary colours

Week Commencing 29.04.24


This week we have started to read a fantastic non-fiction book 'Antarctica, Land of the Penguins' and have been collecting facts about glaciers, icebergs and, of course, penguins! We created a poster today advertising the best features of Antarctica using a title, subtitle and categories. In Maths we have been exploring fractions, including half, one quarter and three quarters. In History we are learning about the timeline of Robert Falcon Scott's adventure to Antarctica and putting the events in order. In PE we are learning football skills such a dribbling and ball control. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Dexter and Bobbie for being ready to learn by showing they are listening and trying their best. 


Well done! laugh

Portraits of Robert Falcon Scott

Week Commencing 22.04.24


This week we have continued to read The Great Explorer and have written a newspaper article of Tom rescuing his Dad from the North Pole. We drafted our reports over two days and then made additions to make them even better, before finally writing in our golden writing books. In Art we have been learning about the history of portraiture and learning about famous artists who made portraits. In History we have explored the equipment Robert Falcon Scott needed for his expedition and why. We have finished measurement in Maths this week by learning about volume, capacity and temperature. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Edward and Alex for staying safe in school. 


Well done! laugh

Purple Mash - pictograms

Week Commencing 15.04.24


This week we have started a new topic 'Where in the world would you like to explore?'. We will be looking at the life of Robert Falcon Scott and his amazing expedition to the South Pole! We have been reading a book called The Great Explorer and thinking about what we would take on an expedition to a cold place using verbs and adverbs. In Science we are learning about living and non-living things and in Art our focus is portraiture. In Maths we have been using grams and kilograms to compare mass. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Emily and Charlie for their fantastic perseverance in writing. 


Well done! laugh

Explorer equipment and artefact hunt!

Week Commencing 18.03.24


This week we are have been writing about the wonderful visit we had last week from Alistair of Hawkeye Falconry. Alistair brought in several birds of prey, including owls and a falcon for us to meet and even fly! We wrote a recount of his visit and a thank you letter. In RE we have been learning about the Easter story and we visited St Wilfrid's church on Monday for an Easter Experience. Chicks have arrived in school to celebrate the beginning of spring and we have enjoyed visiting and holding them. In Maths we finished division and multiplication and began a new topic of measurement.


Ours Stars of the Week are:

Isaac and Jenson for their high expectations in Maths.


Well done! laugh

Easter Experience and Chicks

Week Commencing 15.03.24


This week we have continued to read The Owl and the Pussycat. We have been writing about their journey using capital letters for months of the year. We also wrote a wedding invitation for the Owl and the Pussycat's wedding using vocabulary from the book. We were very lucky to have a visit from Alistair today who has a collection of birds of prey he looks after. We got to hold and fly owls and a falcon! In DT we tested different types of boats to see how quickly they moved through water. In Maths we have been dividing and multiplying by 10, 5 and 2. 


Ours Stars of the Week are:

Sophie and Pippa for their super independence. 


Well done! laugh

Birds of Prey visit!

Week Commencing 04.03.24


This week we have been learning about what Mother's Day is and thinking about why our mums, or other special people, are important to us. We wrote a word bank and used this to create a poem to celebrate our special people. We have also started to read The Owl and the Pussycat and have made predictions about where the characters might be going on their boat. We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and enjoyed coming to school in costumes inspired by our favourite book characters. In Science we have learnt the important of hygiene and washing our hands thoroughly. We conducted experiments using flour, glitter and oil and washed our hands using different methods. In Maths we have explored the relationship between division and multiplication. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Alex and Noah for their curiosity in our learning. 


Well done! laugh



Music Lesson with Mr Asplin and World Book Day

Week Commencing 26.02.24


This week we have continued to read There was a Wee Lassie who Swallowed a Midgie and we have been exploring unusual meals using adjectives and conjunctions. Every day we have been practising for our Class Assembly on Friday which we are very excited to share with you! In Geography we have deepened our knowledge of the Isle of Coll through online research and in swimming we have explored swimming on our backs and putting our heads under the water. In Maths we have learnt what the division symbol means and how to use it. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Max and Ellis for showing respect each day. 


Well done! laugh



Maths Problem Solving Challenge

Week Commencing 19.02.24


This week we have read a new book called There was a Wee Lassie who swallowed a Midgie, based on There was an Old Woman who swallowed a Fly. This version of the story has a Scottish twist and uses Scottish animals we have learnt about such as puffins, trouts and Scottie dogs. We have revisited rhyme and have learnt to use alliteration. In Geography we have compared the human and physical features of the Isle of Coll. We have learnt the importance of being active in Science through recording our heart rates after different activities. In Maths we have begun to learn about multiplication. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Florence and Edwin for their super team working skills. 


Well done laugh

Practising column method in our morning activity

Week Commencing 05.02.24


This week we have been reading On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan, which is a really funny poem exploring rhyme and onomatopoeias. In Geography we created a map of Calverton using our knowledge of the local area and the bus journey we took last week. In Art we have started to make our final collage artworks of the Isle of Coll, tearing and cutting materials to create layers. In Maths we have been exploring two part problem solving with money. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Indiana and Harvey for their amazing concentration in class. 


Well done! laugh

Final collage artworks of Coll

Week Commencing 29.01.24


This week we enjoyed going on our bus trip around Calverton to explore our local area further. We planned our route and have been making sketch maps of Calverton adding in key features and amenities. In English we wrote fact files about beavers and a booklet detailing everything we have learnt about Scotland's wonderful habitats and animals. In Maths we have continued to explore money, creating amounts in different ways. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Megan and Joshua for their amazing communication skills. 


Well done! laugh

Calverton bus trip

Week Commencing 22.01.24


This week we started reading a brilliant non-fiction book called An Amazing Animal Atlas Scotland, which covers all of the different habitats in Scotland and the animals that live there. We have really enjoyed learning about orcas, basking sharks and red squirrels! We have been using our white boards to record facts as we read together as a class and have used these in our writing. In Maths we have been exploring money by recognising coins and notes and making totals. We have used our map making skills in Geography to make a sketch map of our classroom. 


Ours Stars of the Week are:

Daniella and Hunter for their fantastic creativity skills. 


Well done! laugh

Using Purple Mash to make our own avatars!

Week Commencing 08.01.24


We have enjoyed our first full week back in school this week and are getting back into our routines and learning. In English we are continuing to read Katie Morag Delivers the Mail and have used our prediction skills to imagine what could happen to Katie Morag as she tries to deliver her mail across the Isle of Struay. In Maths we have been identifying vertical lines of symmetry in 2D shapes. We have been learning more about our local area and the key features of Calverton in Geography. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Noah N for being ready to learn with his writing.

Bobbie for being ready to learn in Maths with shape. 


Well done! laugh

Creating vertical lines of symmetry in 2D shapes

Week Commencing 11.12.23


This week we really enjoyed performing our Nativity play Super Star for our families! Thank you for coming to watch and support us! We worked very hard on remembering our lines and projecting our voices as well as singing the songs and actions. We have been reading The Jolly Christmas Postman this week and writing festive letters to characters from traditional tales. In DT we created a moving mechanism using a cardboard tube, string and tape. We have a kindness advent calendar in class and each day we have been undertaking different acts of kindness for our classmates and teachers! 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Dexter and Sophie for both keeping themselves and their classmates safe in school. 


Well done! laugh


Creating a moving mechanism in DT

Week Commencing 4.12.23


This week we have been focusing on learning our lines and songs for the Nativity play, we are very excited to show it to you next week! Thank you for supporting your child to learn their lines at home, please continue to do this. The pantomime came to school on Monday and we watched Sleeping Beauty, which was very funny! On Wednesday we went to St Wilfrid's church and enjoyed the Christingle service. In English we have written recounts of the Christingle and the pantomime. 


Stars of the Week:

Charlie for persevering with column method in Maths.

Lacey Mai for persevering with her independent writing. 


Well done! laugh


Sleeping Beauty Pantomime

Week Commencing 27.11.23


This week we have started to learn our parts for our Nativity, Superstar! We are learning the songs in our Music lessons as well as each afternoon. In English we wrote our letters to Father Christmas and posted them at our local post box. We conducted an experiment in Science to see if we could make ice-cream for Father Christmas' party! We were able to taste the ice-cream afterwards and it was delicious. In Maths we are continuing to practise column method, addition and subtraction. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Jenson and Harvey both for their careful and creative crocodile paintings.


Well done! laugh

Posting our letters to Santa and making ice-cream!

Week Commencing 20.11.23


This week we enjoyed visiting St Wilfrid's Church on Monday for the Christmas experience, where we learnt about different aspects of the Christmas story and why they are special to Christians. For our Golden Writing we wrote a recount of Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles using ambitious adjectives, conjunctions and speech marks. We have begun to learn our Nativity songs in our Music lesson and we have been using our observational skills in Art to draw a crocodile's head! In Maths we are using the column method to cross ten in addition and subtraction. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Hunter for improving his reading.

Edwin for his perseverance with the column method.


Well done! laugh

Christmas Experience and Art lesson

Week Commencing 13.11.23


This week we have continued to read Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles. We have been learning about crocodiles and have written a fact file this week using new vocabulary. In Science we have been learning about whether we can change different objects' shapes by stretching, bending and squashing. On Tuesday we enjoyed learning CPR training so we know how to help people if they are feeling unwell. In Maths we have been learning the column method for addition and subtraction, not crossing ten. 


Ours Stars of the Week are:

Chester for his super knowledge on crocodiles.

Pippa for trying hard to work with more independence. 


Well done! laugh


CPR training

Week Commencing 06.11.23


We have had a great first week back of our new half term. We are exploring Traditional Tales over the next few weeks and have started with Goldilocks and the Three Crocodiles, a twist on the classic story! We have been making inferences about the story and using onomatopoeias to describe the sounds of the sea. We have learnt about Remembrance Day and have made poppies to honor the lives lost during the First World War. In PE we are starting a dance unit looking at water and in DT we will be examining moving mechanisms. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting 10. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Harper for her super attitude and wonderful hard work. 

Cooper for trying hard to listen to his teachers and make the right choices.  


Well done! laugh

Dance lesson to the theme of water

Week Commencing 23.10.23


This week we have continued to read The Tin Forest and we have written our own alternative version of the story together as a class using time words, conjunctions and adjectives. In Science we tested if we could make paper waterproof by using tin foil, cling film, wax crayons and candle wax. We made a prediction and tested our theories using our team working skills. In PSHE we have been learning about the difference between bullying and teasing and in Maths we have been adding and subtracting across ten. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Edward for his independence.

Harley for his curiosity in all our lessons. 


Well done! laugh


Final Sir Christopher Wren artworks and Science experiment

Week Commencing 9.10.23


This week we have started reading a new book called The Tin Forest and we have been imagining what kind of place a tin forest would be to live in. We have been using ambitious adjectives and conjunctions to describe this setting. We really enjoyed our Harvest Festival performance on Tuesday, thank you all for coming and supporting us!  laugh In our Great Fire of London topic we thought about what the animals of London might have witnessed during the fire and used historical sources to write about their experiences. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting by making ten. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Ellis for persevering with his neat handwriting.

Daniella for showing her teachers she is ready to learn. 


Well done  laugh

Week Commencing 02.10.23


This week we have been preparing for our Harvest Celebration at the church next week. We have been learning why Harvest is a special time for Christians and we have been writing a Harvest poem as a class to read in church. We have also been learning songs and a prayer as well as making autumnal art work! We are excited to share it with you next week. In Maths we have been learning fact families to 20. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Isaac for his independent writing.

Emily for her concentration and independence.


Well done laugh

Autumnal artwork

Week Commencing 25.09.23


This week we have been reading Vlad and the Great Fire of London, in which a flea tells the story of the fire from his perspective! The children have enjoyed writing questions for Vlad and putting him in the hot seat. We will write a recount of the book from Vlad's perspective. In History we have sequenced the 5 days of the Great Fire and learnt key facts from each day. We were also very lucky to have Partake Theatre Company come in and we got to act out the Great Fire using costumes and props! In Science learnt about friction by testing the best material for a fire fighter's boot! In Maths we have been comparing objects and numbers as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Megan for her curiosity in all of our learning. 

Max for his fantastic concentration. 


Well done! laugh

Partake Theatre Company - The Great Fire of London!

Week Commencing 18.09.23


This week we have continued to read The Great Fire of London book and we have been writing a letter to the King to ask him to help stop the fire from spreading! We have been using the past and continuous tense. In Science we did another exciting experiment to see if we could make our leaky buckets water tight, to help us put out the fire! We tested different materials to see how waterproof or absorbent they are. In Maths we have been estimating numbers on a number line. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Noah B for trying his best in all his lessons. 

Indiana for being a super role model. 


Well done laugh

Science Experiment

Week Commencing 11.09.23


This week we have started reading our new book The Great Fire of London and learning all about what happened in 1666. We have also been learning about the city of London in general and its famous landmarks, using adjectives to describe. In History we have compared our life to life in the 1700s in areas such as food, clothing and transport. In Science we have continued to learn about materials and their properties. We have continued to develop our knowledge of partitioning in Maths. 


Our Stars of the Week are:

Florence for being a super role model.

Joshua for continuing his History learning at home! 


Well done laugh


History sorting pictures from today and 1700s

Week Commencing 5.09.23


We have enjoyed our first week in Year 2 and have started lots of brilliant learning! In English we have been exploring our emotions in a book called In My Heart, using adjectives and similes to describe. Our new Topic is The Great Fire of London and this week we began to explore what life was like in the 1700s in London and use our observational skills to make inferences and ask questions. In Art we are researching Sir Christoper Wren and the architecture he designed. In Maths we have been partitioning numbers into tens and ones. 




Drawing Sir Christoper Wren buildings and exploring life in 1700s

SATs information for Year 2 parents


Here is some information for parents of children in year 2 about the upcoming SATs. 



Today we were lucky to have a cricketer from Trent Bridge who taught us some cricket skills. We learnt throwing, catching and throwing skills. Who hit the wicket? Who aimed and threw accurately?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Shakespeare Workshop


We we’re lucky to have a visit from the Shakespeare Trust who did some drama and story telling workshops with the children. What fabulous acting skills!

Easter bonnet parade


Thank you for supporting your children to make an Easter bonnet. The children all looked amazing and really enjoyed taking part in our parade. We hope you enjoy your Easter treat from school. 

The Pea and the Princess


This week, for our English learning, we are reading The Pea and the Princess by Mini Grey. We have learnt lots of new words such as nestled, grand, nagging, raged and allotment. Can you use the words in your own sentence? 

Superhero Capes


For our design and technology learning, we have been busy designing a cape for a superhero. We have begun making our designs. Today we cut out a cape shape using felt. This was tricky to neatly cut out the correct shape but we worked carefully and did a fabulous job! Please check back later in the week to find out how we got on with our decorations. 

Decorating our capes


Today we have been busy using our creative skills to decorate our capes.

Float by Daniel Miyares


This week, we are reading a wordless book called Float. Can you tell your grown up what the story is about? We have all been busy making a paper boat then testing it to see if it floats on water. 

Blooming Flowers


Today for our science learning, we have been observing what happens to the petals of paper flowers when you put them in water. We used our super observations skills to record what we noticed. 

The story of Robin Hood


What fun we had creating the story of Robin Hood and his band of merry men in our drama workshop. Look at our super acting skills…


Still image for this video

Traditional Tales


For our English learning we are enjoying reading Traditional Tales. We have been comparing Traditional Tales to find similarities and differences, we have been reading a variety of Traditional Tales from around the world and then have been writing our own Traditional Tales. Take a look at some our our amazing writing…



World Book Day 


Thank you for proving your children with fabulous world book day characters. We think they look fabulous. We enjoyed guessing which book they were from. 

Wheelchair Basketball


We have been lucky to have a sports teacher in school today, helping us learn some wheel chair basket ball skills. We learnt how to step into and out of the wheelchair safely, how to move around safely through the spaces and then how to stop and change direction. What fun we had!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Creative Koalas


We have been busy learning how to blow paint through a straw. We had lots of fun whilst learning a new art skill. Do you like the effects we have created?

Visit from Santa


We were lucky to have a visit from Santa today. He had time away from his busy schedule in the North Pole to come to see us and to bring us a gift. We sang We Wish you a Merry Christmas to Santa and asked about his elves and reindeer. 

Dear Santa,


This week, for our English learning, we have been finding out about the features of a letter. We have then written a letter to Santa. Miss Revy is highly impressed by the quality of our writing. Who has used a question sentence? Who has used commas to separate a list of nouns? Who has used cursive letter formation? Santa will be astounded by the quality of our work. 



We have enjoyed joining Sam at St Wilfred’s church to learn about the Christian celebration of Christingle. What do the orange, red ribbon and sweets symbolise? The candle represent Christian’s belief that Jesus is the light of the world. Who is the light of your world?  

Busy Bakers


We found a medieval recipe for bread. Today the koalas have been busy baking their medieval sweet bread. What new words have you learnt? Can you tell your grown up what knead and prove mean? 

Children In Need


Thank you for your donations for Children In Need. The children looked fabulous in their spotty outfits. 



Marvellous Musicians


Look at our lovely creative learners busy singing and learning how to use percussion instruments!

Harvest Festival


We are looking forward to sharing our harvest festival with you in church next week. We are busy learning some super songs, a poem to share with you. This week, we have been making some detailed autumn art to bring to church. Here is a look at all the brilliant koala learners concentrating on their art work. 

Thank you for everything ma’am


This week, we have been remembering Queen Elizabeth II. We drew portraits of Queen Elizabeth II on stamp templates. We hope you are impressed by our careful art work. 

The Colour Monster


This week, we have enjoyed reading The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. We have enjoyed talking about how the colour monster feels in the story. This afternoon the children made feelings pots. What an amazing team we are! Look at our great feelings adjectives. How are you feeling today? Do your feelings change through the day? 

Wheelchair basket ball


We we’re lucky to have a visit from some wheel chair basket ball teachers today. We practised moving and turning in a chair then played some fun games using these skills. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Kaori Kurihara


We are enjoying researching the work of a Japanese artist called Kaori Kurihara. We have learnt that she is a ceramicist and that she gets her inspiration from pieces of fruit. Here is the research we have done in our sketch books. 

Thank you for our cakes


it was ever so kind of one of our families to share some cakes with our class. What a thoughtful gesture. They were delicious. 

Jubilee Picnic


We enjoyed our picnic in the garden to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

Happy Platinum Jubilee your majesty


Do you like the bunting we have designed to decorate our school hall for our celebration of Queen Elizabeth II platinum jubilee? We look super in our jubilee outfits. 

History detectives


We were given a mystery Victorian object and had to ask questions to find out what it was. 

Can you explain to your grown up what it is?

William Morris


We have been researching the life and work of William Morris. Why is he a famous artist? What did he enjoy designing. We have created sketches based on his work. What fabulous artists we are!

Super Printers


Here are the foam tiles we have made in the style of William Morris. We etched our design into a tile then used printing ink to print our design onto paper. They are very detailed and carefully planned and executed. 

Watercolour animals 

We have used water colour to paint animals ready to add to our printed backgrounds. We are going to cut them out and then see if we can add split pins and sliders to make them move around our pictures. 

Finished Product


Here is our finished piece of work with our printed background and moving animals. 

Winnie The Pooh 


For our guided reading, we are enjoying reading Winnie The Pooh by Alan Alexander Milne. We have read chapter one, where Winnie gets his name. Who or what is he named after? We are busy making predictions about what Winnie The Pooh might plan to collect some honey from the top of a towering oak tree. 

Easter Bonnet Parade


Thank you to all our families for helping us to make our wonderful Easter bonnets. We all looked amazing and our designs were creative, unique and inventive. Well done Maddison for your winning design. We would like to wish you all a wonderful break. Enjoy your family time and we look forward to seeing you soon and hearing about all your adventures. 

African basket weaving


For our design work, we have looked at some African baskets and found out what they are made from, how they are made and what they are used for. We compared the baskets to Nottingham lace.


We have been busy weaving our own African baskets using wool.


Look at our amazing baskets! 

African baskets

Art week


We are busy being creative this week. We have been finding out about an artist called Lubaina Hamid. What amazing facts do you know about her? We used our sketch books to gather ideas based on Lubaina’s work, such as the patterns and colours she uses in her work. Inspired by Lubaina’s work, are going to paint a portrait on a piece of furniture. We look forward to sharing our finished work with you. 

Patching’s Art Centre


What a fabulous morning we have had at Patching’s Art Centre. We looked at the art work of Tinga Tunga. He is famous for painting African animals. We produced amazing pieces of art in the style of Tinga Tinga. How creative we are!

African Drumming


We have enjoyed taking part in an African drumming session. What fabulous musicians we are!

Red Nose Day


We look wonderful in our red or super hero outfits. 

World book week


Thank you for providing the children with their fabulous world book day outfits. What a wonderful day we have had!

Super Storytellers


We have been busy acting out and retelling the story of the gingerbread man. What fabulous actors we are!

World Book Day website


This is a wonderful website full of amazing resources for you to share with your child. 


Busy bakers


This week, for our English learning, we have been reading instructions. We followed a recipe for how to make an apple muffin. We made our muffins today and they taste delicious. 

William Shakespeare


We have enjoyed reading and performing A Midsummer Nights Dream. Look at our amazing acting skills. 



Still image for this video


Still image for this video



We enjoyed learning new cricket skills in PE this morning. We learnt to throw with accuracy, hold a cricket bat correctly and hit a cricket ball with a bat. How many wickets did you score?

Volcano and crater warm up game

Cricket rounders

Still image for this video

Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth


We are thoroughly enjoying reading a book about our diverse planet. What new words have you learnt? What do they mean?









Book Covers


We have been busy designing new front covers for the books to show the diversity of life on our amazing planet. 

Champion Gymnasts!


This half term, we are being champion gymnasts. We have been learning to present, jump, roll and balance. Who deserves an Olympic meldal?

Fantastic Mr Fox


For our guided reading, we have begun reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Ronald Dahl. We have read chapters 1 and 2, where we were introduced to the setting and main characters. We read an extract from chapter 2 about the setting then drew a map, to show what we know about the wood and the farms from the book. What amazing illustrators we are! 

In my magic box there is….


For our English learning this week, we are reading a poem by Kit Wright called The Magic Box. We have made a magic box and filled it with objects we find interesting. We then thought of adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe the objects. We used our ideas to write our own poems. What amazing imagination we have!



Visit from Santa


Santa sent us a message today to say he was proud of how hard we are working. He used his Christmas magic to send some gifts to school. How lucky we all are!

Christmas jumper day


We all looked very festive in our Christmas outfits. Thank you for your donations to Save the Children.

Christmas Decorations


We have made some beautiful decorations and hung them on our tree at school. We will bring our decorations home next week. 

The Snowman


Next week, for our English learning, we are going to be reading The Snowman. We will be describing the setting and characters using adjectives, similes and metaphors. I shall add photographs of the children’s amazing writing as the week progresses, so, watch this space…

Reading our Snowman stories

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Pantomime: Aladdin 


We have enjoyed watching a pantomime at school today. We watched the story of Aladdin. Can you tell your grown up what the story was about? Who were the main characters? Where was the story set? What was the funniest part of the story? 


Still image for this video



This week, for our English learning, we have been reading and writing the Nativity story. We used adjectives, similes and metaphors to describe the characters and setting. We thought about our choice of punctuation and tried to correctly use full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and brackets. We have done a brilliant job! 

Concentrating on our writing

Letter to Santa


This week, for our English learning, we have enjoyed learning how to write a letter. We used the skills we learnt to write a letter to Santa. What are you hoping Santa will bring for you? What are you going to leave out for Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve?

Children in Need


We all looked amazing in our Children in Need outfits. Thank you for all your donations. 

One Kind Word


This week is anti bullying week. The theme this year is one kind word. We thought about what bullying is and how it can make a person feel.

We learnt the phrase:


one kind word can change someone’s day.


We decided what kindness looks like. We thought of the words: share, enjoy, include, understand, join, respect, play, together, help, welcome, friends, feeling.


Have you been kind today?